The Neon Rush

The Neon Rush

 Bethesda, Maryland, USA

The inner workings of a twisted mind, psychedelic riffs and musical theatrics that live in the moments of wild parties in New York, low crashes at home, and the metaphors that give us the meaning to what we can't understand. The Neon Rush.


The Neon Rush is a concept band. The idea that when you walk up onto the stage you don't just play some hits about girls, beer, and sex. Frontman Collin Peterson has challenged underage addictions and sonic prowess to create an experience of awe and excitement. Backed by incredible young musicians, The Neon Rush is due to release their first concept record "Raw Culture" in early 2011 that is not just a record, but the reflection of drug culture days and the moments that became the songs.

Venues (many of these were played under the name "Metrophish")

Jammin Java
8 X 10
The Rock N Roll Hotel
The Grog and Tankard
Quest Battle of the Bands (Wnner)
AVComm Battle of the Bands (2nd Place)
The Electric Maid
Oktober Fest
The 13th Floor


Live In Dream

Written By: Collin Peterson

So this is where it begins
So this is where it begins
Lying on my back
Staring at a clear blue sky
Nothing for me to do
Nothing for me to chose
And there's no one I need to impress
My shadow walked up to me
He said would you like to try
What the universe is all talking about
He said this is not a life, this is not a life
If your not living higher than the sky

He Took My Arms
He Took My Wings
I swear that I remember everything
He said that I would be just fine
But I have to be home in awhile

My personality shed
I lost all my friends
You could say that I was living in a dream
I'm talking about the edge
Looking back I guess
That I might have took to many steps

I twist my arms
Constrict my viens
I was just trying to numb the pain
Oh you said that I'd be just fine
But I have to be home in awhile

Does it show
That my glow
Well it faded long ago X4

So this is where is begins
Lying on my back
and staring at a clear blue sky X2

No I don't mind, No I don't mind
That its gone X4

Because now that I can think, yes
I can think, well I think I'm a blur
Cause now that I can think, yes
I can think, well I think I'm a blur
Cause I see colours colide
I see pieces of time
And I watch them unwind
I wipe the rust from my eyes
To my suprise
I'm still alive

Don't Go, Don't Go
Away From Me


Lines and Blurs - 1/5/10
EP- So You Didn't Make it to the Circus - 1/10/09
EP- Narwaur - 4/1/08

Set List

Sets usually consist of 1 hour of original music with the occassional cover song. However close to and after the release of Raw Culture (due out in early 2011) the band will perform the record all the way though (about an hour in running time) with backing tracks, visual records, and extras/rock theatre like antics.