The Neoprimitive

The Neoprimitive


PUREWORLDFUNKLATINJAZZGROOVELOVE. The Neoprimitive is a state of mind. It is a movement: ancient, primitive rhtyhms and instruments into modern songform, harmony, and technology. The Neoprimitive brings to the table a whole new sound and energy that will make your body move and soul rejoice!


The Neoprimitive is a melting pot of cultures, styles, and time periods.The Neoprimitive is based around the rhythms of Afro-Cuban, Afro-Brazilian, and Afro-Caribbean musics. The sounds, textures, and song-forms, however, come from everywhere: Radiohead, Miles Davis, Irakere, Paul Simon, Tito Puente, Fela Kuti and thousands more. The Neoprimitive takes ancient rhythms and instruments and combines them with the hippest sounds of the present and the future. Experiencing The Neoprimitive will change the way you think about world music. Witnessing the virtuousity and spirit of these professional musicians will move your body and stir your soul. The backgrounds of each member of the band creates a collage of musical colors and shapes that is unique, refreshing, and invigorating. Jaime Bofill, the lead singer hails from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Jesse Joaquin Parker comes from the border-town of El Paso, Texas. Joe Goglia and Rob Flanz are from the New York Tri-State area. The two horn players represent the West coast, hailing from the Bay Area. Rebecca Clarke (on keyboards) comes out of Georgia, and Kevan Nymeyer is the lone Arizona native. Each member of the group has passed through the Arizona State University School of Music and achieved great things in many different genres of music. Several of the members have extensive experience as professional jazz musicians. Kevan is a modern classical composer. Jaime brings the voice and heart of the Caribbean.
The Neoprimitive was first runner-up in the ASU Battle of the Bands and has played to packed dance clubs and concert halls all over the Phoenix area. The groups self-titled EP is set to release in late March and is currently planning a tour through the Western United States.


The Neoprimitive (Self Titled EP):
Cuarta Calle
The Levee Breaks

Set List

We have a repretoire that will cover over three hours of performance.
We usually like to do three 45 minute sets with about six tunes per set. Our set list includes the following songs (*denotes original songs):
Intro Jam,
Sal del Sol
Ran Kan Kan
Tin Tin Deo
Te Repentitas*
Funk Montuno*
Cuarta Calle*
The Levee Breaks
El Canto a Los Angeles Del Tierra y Cielo*