The Nerve

The Nerve


The Nerve is an eclectic array of progressive rock with a twist of funk, emotive vocals and insightful lyrics. Come take a sonic trip that will leave you longing for more, yet satisfied with the journey. The Nerve will provide you both a visual and aural explosion every performance and listen.


The Nerve blends the soaring vocals of Christine Dragon, scorching fretwork of Scot Silver, undulating bass tones of Eric Schreiber and the percussive groove of Dave Coccio. The Nerve blends it's hottest influences to create one unique sound. If you take a taste of Natalie Merchant mixed with a smattering of Toto, a pinch of Chick Corea and a teaspoon of Rush, you may scratch the surface. The Nerve serves up a plate of original sin, but it goes down so well.



Written By: The Nerve

You better run boy
Cause you’re lookin’ like my type
This could be fun boy
Let’s try each other on for size
And if you can’t have everything
Why not try for just 1 night
What are we waiting for
This could be our 1st and last

Timings critical
I don’t want to waste a move in closer
To get a better look at you
Don’t need to use your words
Communicate with just your body
Let the rhythm through
Show me that you’re in my groove

see me
feel me
be me
free me

I’ll tell ya what I’ll do
I’ll try to make this easy for you
-- don’t need to play games
Just let me know you feel the same
Welcome to my mood
Nymphonic state of independence
If you play it cool
You can join me in my moment

see me
feel me
be me
free me

I’m sick of macho
I’m tired of the pickup lines
Don’t want your number
Cause I ain’t gonna give you mine
I’m not looking for
Small talk, Small mind, conversation
You should be aware
The predator has just changed sides

see me
feel me
be me
free me
love me
leave me


Myriad - s/t
Scot Silver - Odyssey
The Nerve - EP

Set List

Curtain call

What is real


Full moon

Black horse and the cherry tree

Barbie doll

Rise up

Granada Skies (scot solo)

You name it (scot solo)

Dancin’ trees (scot solo)


Electric Muse

If you could only see

Disappearing Mind

Forever dreamin’