The Neurotransmitters

The Neurotransmitters


The Neurotransmitters like a good story, and understand that you need a good bed to lie the story in. This generally includes soaring vocals, confronting, intelligent lyrics and guitars that go wiggly-wiggly.


Chief Neuro Darryl Gray has always liked things sweet and sour. Perhaps that is why he so diligently chronicles the lives of the downtrodden and desperate within the realm of epic, life affirming music. Or maybe he is just a morbid bastard.

Everyday vignettes that chronicle the absurdities of real life pepper the story-songs of The Neurotransmitters. Each character appears to exist uneasily inside their skin, with euphoria or despair never far away. Indeed, if he had an attention span any greater than 5 minutes, Darryl Gray would make a fine novelist, albeit one obsessed with sex and death.

Great lyrics are nothing, however, if the music doesn’t compliment the overall feeling and drama of the picture being painted and this is where The Neurotransmitters come into their own. The lively and thoughtful drumming of Aaron Millard and the hooky, spidery guitar lines of Bart Lucas definitely have their focus on conveying emotion and underscoring the sentiments in Darryl’s words.

Although an avid Anglophile, Darryl Gray’s songs with The Neurotransmitters find an affinity with the new breed of North American bands such as The Arcade Fire, The Shins, The Dears, The Decemberists and Band Of Horses. However, The Neuro’s still furrow a similar vein to that of Icehouse, Died Pretty and The Sunnyboys with a sound both Australian yet universal at the same time.

A recent review in Time Off noted,

'At times the vocals smack of Michael Stipe plaintiveness and the song structuring confirms these guys have been reared on thinking man's rock.'

The abused, confused, pathetic and indifferent all find homes in the halfway house that is The Neurotransmitters. It’s a place where the profound meets the profane, the majestic meets the mundane and the extraordinary meets the ordinary. And a place you can visit simply by slipping on a CD and losing yourself.

2009 will see the release of The Neurotransmitters debut album.


File It Under Envy

Written By: Darryl Gray


Looking like a princess or a queen,
I'd better say
Something nice so she will talk to me
A better way
Waiting in the rain for autographs
outside the show
ignored cause we're not her demograph


I can hear you when you're talking on the radio
And i listen when you're singing on the stereo
It incites a mix of anger doubt and jealousy
Guess I'm gonna have to file it under envy


Leather pants, tattoo and hairy chest
Around the world
Macho rock men singers try their best to
sing like a girl
Brag about the women, sex and drugs
Life on the road
Get beat up by dealers, pimps and thugs

Let Me Fly Away

Written By: Darryl Gray


You know
You know I've tried to leave
Around you I cannot breathe
But still I always stay

You know
you know you've done me wrong
I mean it this time Im gone
But I can't stay away


Like a bird in summer
I can't fly away
If I wait till winter
I know that I will stay
Like a bird I'll fly away
Let me fly away


I know
I know I'm so clumsy
And I bruise so easily
I'm glad you make me stay

I know
The what, why, when and how
You'd think I'd know you by now
But I can't make you change


EP - The Neurotransmitters - released July 2007

Set List

I Might Die Tonight
Weekend Without Her
She Said
Religious Man
I Can See A Liar
A Day In Yr Wife
You Don't Want Me Now
Let Me Fly Away
I'll Blame It On Myself
File It Under Envy