The Never

The Never


Conceptual pop rock from Chapel Hill, NC, with elements of classical and bluegrass. The band's latest album, Antarctica, is a storybook album: a full length CD packaged with a fully illustrated 50 page storybook, based on 40 oil paintings by the guitarist, Noah Smith.


The Never are not just a band. They were already addressing the root problem at the center of Al Gore’s “An Inconvenient Truth” before his documentary movie and book were released, touring on vegetable oil copped from charitable restaurants’ throw-away bins. The waste product went to fuel their bus, converted from diesel to vegetable oil, and helped them do their part in not contributing to the toxic pollution of the environment. The Tunnells spent most of their youth raised as their storybook record's lead character Paul was – in seclusion and without modern amenities. They were home-schooled, bathed in barrels, had no indoor plumbing or electricity and it was this upbringing that fostered an appreciation for the nature that’s either dwindling or taken for granted. These guys are about more than that even. They are about the ties that still bind us to the nascent formulations of how we interact with others and how we first started dealing with that voice inside our own heads. The voice in most of their songs comes from that in-between period in life where some things have been figured out, but most have not. Most everything is still up for grabs. There is much spry vigor and untested wisdom in many of the things that Smith sings on "Antarctica"—ideas and emotions that are still growing legs, stretching into their fingerprints. He and the band bridge a young energy with what can only be classified as hopefulness in a future that can be good if we’ll just let it be.

Inspired by the read-along records of your childhood, "Antarctica" is a full album coupled with a fully illustrated storybook. Complete with 40 oil paintings by Noah Smith, the story and songs follow the journey of a country boy on his way to return a nuclear bomb to the city. The album is arranged in such a way that one can listen to the songs and read along; enjoying music, art and written word simultaneously.

The band was formed out of members of The B-Sides (featuring Squirrel Nut Zippers' Ken Mosher) and Vibrant Green in North Carolina. They recorded their first album with John Plymale (Superchunk, Squirrel Nut Zippers) in 2003. The self-titled album was a success, selling over 4,000 copies nationwide. The band's infectious-but-weird pop music landed them opening slots in shows with R.E.M., Ben Folds, Ash and Rilo Kiley. They used this momentum to propel themselves through the completion of their mammoth multimedia project, "Antarctica".


"Antarctica: a storybook record": July 25th, 2006.
Trekky Records. Produced and engineered by Ian Schreier @ Osceola Studios, Raleigh, NC.

"The Never": 2004, Morisen Records.
Produced and engineered by John Plymale @ Overdub Lane, Durham, NC.
(over 4,000 sold)

"Yes, Indeed, the B-sides, Quite": released under the name "the B-sides". 2001, self released.
(North Carolina's top-selling independent release, 2001)

The Never are distributed exclusively by Red Eye USA Distribution.
Radio and publicity by Team Clermont.

Set List

The band is able to play a set of songs from "Antarctica", or the "Antarctica" album in its entirety.

Ammended set:

Summer Time
lLeaves Start to Fall
Summer Girl
Bomber Pilot
When Snow Starts to Fall

This set is about 40 mins. long.

Covers in repertoire:
Just What I Needed-The Cars
21st Century Boy-T-Rex
Various old-timey bluegrass songs