The Neverbells

The Neverbells

 Adelaide, South Australia, AUS

Sweet souly folk-pop for the senses. Haunting, powerful vocals, strong melodies and a rocking backbeat, coupled with an enegergtic, entertaining live show.


So..... who are The Neverbells?

They are four guys and a girl playing sweet bluesy folk/pop numbers.

The Neverbells formed in late 2008 when Amr Zaid (guitar/bass), Kaliah Alice (vocals) and Mike Raine (piano and keys) started jamming. The jigsaw was completed with Chris Marshall's percussive talents and Joe Del Bono's guitar panache.

Their pedigree inlcudes a wealth of industry knowledge, Amr being an ARIA award nominee with experience including The Reading Festival and The Big Day Out, Kaliah winning an AWSAM award, an MTV award nomination and touring the SXSW Festival in Texas.

Prolific songwriting ensued resulting in an ever-growing set of dynamic songs.

The recording of their debut release Dreamland was a joyful adventure, and the launch a great success, the band playing to a full house at the Grace Emily. They have followed this with more packed shows and are gaining a reputation as one of Adelaide's tightest live bands.

The Neverbells are here to stay, and will be coming to a pub, bar, café and radio near you soon!


21st Day

Written By: The Neverbells

21st day


Remember when we were young
It was the 21st day when I left you
Now I’m trying real hard to forget you
With an image that just doesn’t suit you

And time waits for no embrace
But I know just how to feel

I make just one mistake
but I know that you aren’t real
And the show must go on without you


And time waits for no embrace
and I know that this aint real

lets play for one last day
is a lust a cannot tell about

must go on without you

and time want tell
I do wish you well
Just to get away and be unreal

I don’t care
I do want you back
To be
My own spell forgiving me


And I don’t care
I do want you back
Just to find and never be
Don’t leave me
I was unwell

Oh couldn’t you tell……?

Let Myself Down

Written By: The Neverbells

Chorus – I let myself down x 4
The waves all surround
I’m going deep I’m going down
I’ll meet ya underground
I let myself down

Well it seems I’ve been here a thousand times before
But my head just keeps on coming back for even more
And there’s a land ahead
But I don’t know what its for
All I see is the lake as I stand on its shore


Well I try to swim
Even dive into the waves
But it’s so far for me to go in such a state

And there’s a plan within
And I try to contemplate
But it’s all lost
I do not cross
I do not wait

Please save me
Please save me from myself

I’m going down…


Bridge – well I said to you
There’s a lot that I’m going through
Well it’s a little town
A little place and I’d like to stay
But I feel so torn away-

I’m going down


"Dreamland" EP (2010)

Set List

21st Day
Fortunes door
Second Chance
Let Myself Down
Not Alone
Dance on the Moon
Tiny Crimes
Mystery Fire
Long time
Devil's Eyes
Strange to Find