The Neverhawks

The Neverhawks

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The Neverhawks are an alternative-indie rock group, based out of Nashville TN. They are composed of Evan Mintz (vocals, bass), James Carroll (guitar). Three piece riff rock, with distorted bass, melodic guitar, and groove centered rhythm.


The group became what it is when Evan, founder of the band, came into contact with James in 2013 through a chance meeting on Craigslist. After several successful tours, James joined The Neverhawks and began writing and recording. The band is heavily influenced by classic Soul, Blues and Modern Alternative music. Ex; Queens of the Stone Age, Gorillaz, Bill Withers, Rage Against the Machine, Otis Redding, Jimmi Hendrix, MUSE and Radiohead. (Just to name a few)
"We may just be another rock band who plays too loud, but we have a united mind to be a force of passion through our music."-Evan


"The Neverhawks" EP- Released May 2011