The New Britain Underground

The New Britain Underground

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DJ Product and the New Britain Underground bring you the hottest underground hip hop productions on the east coast. The best possible resume for us is our music. tr 1 DJ Product remix tr 2 DJ Product remix tr 3 New Britain Underground original production


We represent hip hop as an artform. Politically and socially charged anthems with blending and beatmatching reminiscient of acts like,
Beastie Boys, Atmosphere/rhymesayers, DJ Yoda, DJ Format...


recent singles

-its me when I spit
-booma rang
-gaggin on me
-gonna give you vision
-New Rock City
-The voice
-Mile in my shoes
-All I need
-End game
-Handle it
-Man's world
-In a line
-Verbal equiped
-Get on 'em

remixes +blends
-high plane drifta_beastie, nas, ghostbusters theme
-light my fire_gorillaz, doors
-fo boes_mike jones, james taylor, krs1
-insane or genious?_pink floyd, mission impossible theme, atmosphere
-NBU anthem_nas, pinkfloyd, requiem for a dream theme
-rising son_animals, crooklyn
-unforgettable_atmosphere, sinatra, streisand
-white rabbit_jefferson airplane, alchemist

mix tapes

The Essential Mix vol 1-5
Precision Tactical Nuclear Blends
todays hottest trx on my space

All tracks listed up till this point are streamlined and downloadable on my homepage @

pre 2005
solo albums

Illin 'n contempt
Sonic Renderings
Sound expression

Set List

Depending on the situation.
I often do gigs on my own(Product) and I might mix for as long as 5 hours. If there is sufficient space, I will project video imagery onto a 90" 2way screen which I will either hang directly over stage or above the dance floor. I keep the video syncronised to the beat by having the midi events in my arrangements trigger specific patches of video and /or imagery. I find crowds really react to this.

When we are gigging as a group, I will warm up the atmosphere with a 1-2 hour mix set and flow seemlessly into our feature set which will go anywhere from two to 3 1/2 hours.