The New Centuries

The New Centuries


Buzzing electro pop and smears of metallic sludge weigh heavily on boogie rock riffs and dance floor synth jams. Upbeat songs swerve like a drunk driver and noisy collisions push the sonic limits of the instrumentation. Thoughtful butt shaking, joyful head banging, its the New Centuries.


The New Centuries are from a patch of concrete in San Francisco behind a hair metal club, where late at night pretty boys in tight pants grind to disco hits and the savage side of the city clings to its dwindling claim on the downtown. The music is a soundtrack for the moment when the heated rush of the club's dance floor overwhelms the mind and the blast of grey urban night chills the nerves but offers little sense of relief.


New Centuries EP; Self-released 2006

LIVE! at the Paradise Massage EP; (coming spring 2008)

Set List

1. Midnite Shows
2. Stockton St. Tunnels
3. Middle Years
4. Birds in the Garden
5. (I knew I shouldn't have pushed you down those) Stairs
6. Linden Lake Skull
7. Moonlite Kawasaki Ride
8. There's no 'P' (in my aradise)