The New Centuries

The New Centuries


A powerful, dynamic dance machine; fluid bodies in sweat and ecstasy, without pretense, without chicanery; this is music to think to, to dance to, live through, forget yourself and feel through. Music as catharsis, music that asks only honesty, freedom, and the ability to have a good time.


Music for restless, reckless people, The New Centuries combine the inspired enthusiasm of Wolf Parade with the electric energy of The Modern Lovers to
create songs that are at once gritty, rhythmic and tragically pretty.

Ryan’s gravelly, whiskey-distilled baritone careens from a sneering croon to a hoarse, urgent yelp above washy, distorted synths while Jeff's runaway take on
blues guitar rings out and thrashes through overheated tubes. Sabrina's steady, angular drumming drives the unstoppable beat, while bassist extraordinaire, Adam, injects a heavy, aggressive vein into the mix, pushing The New Centuries into sonic explosions live, where their real genius shines.

The band met where all things begin in San Francisco: on craigslist. Ryan and Jeff were busy frequenting local dive bars and churning out a seemingly endless string of Velvet Underground-inspired bedroom rock tracks when a well-placed ad brought them together with Sabrina and her hand-me-down drum kit and Adam and his larger-than-life bass rig. Having joined boy-girl forces and crafted a homemade hot pink stencil, the band began offering perspectives on lethargy, indulgence and the promise of invisible things.

Hyper, hedonistic and lo-fi, The New Centuries are rock and roll kids and passionate music lovers who do not wear matching jeans, suits and/or skinny
ties, but do know how to show the audience a good time.

We're very actively involved in the San Francisco indie rock community, have played a number of local festivals, were recently featured live on KZSU radio, have been boooking solid shows in San Francisco Bay Area and beyond and are currently planning a Portland-Seattle area tour.


Out Now: The New Centuries - The New Centuries EP
Coming Soon: The New Centuries - Live At The Paradise Massage EP

Our debut EP has grabbed the ear of college DJs from San Francisco to Boston and beyond. We were recently featured on KZSU's long-running "Thursday Night Live" live on-air showcase.

Set List

Set List: typically roughly 45 minutes, 7-8 songs
Songs: (Here's a sample set. Like most bands, we're always writing new songs so we rotate songs in and out, depending on the mood)

Stockton Street Tunnels
Some By Betrayl
London Lass
Middle Years
Colors Of The Past
Lyndon Lake
Birds In the Garden
Midnight Shows

All songs are original. We don't play covers, unless you count that Ramones Christmas song we did during the holidays! But then, there were trees and lights and eggnog involved.