The New Classic

The New Classic


The New Classic blends together several different sub-genres of "rock" into their own sound that, while familiar, is uniquely refreshing. Clean, clear vocals mixed with loud guitars and powerful drums allow a wide range of concert-goers to enjoy their music without falling into a small niche.


The New Classic is an alternative rock band from Tucson, Arizona. Forming from the remains of several Tucson-area bands, TNC brings together influences from multiple sides of the genre to create something that's familiar, yet refreshingly different.

With influences ranging widely from The Foo Fighters to Say Anything to The Maine, TNC created a sound that can be enjoyed by new concert goers as well as seasoned show veterans.

The New Classic is set to record their debut full-length record this August with accomplished and well-known producer, Paul Leavitt. The record will be produced by The Dangerous Summer's own Cody Payne, who will be bringing out the best in what this new band has to offer.


The New Classic is set to release their debut record this fall.