The New Connection

The New Connection

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Philadelphia's The New Connection is music for the ADD generation. Best described as a music nerd's iPod on shuffle, this original group captivates its audience with catchy songs and stunning live performances. They are a hard-working band making waves beyond the local music scene.


The New Connection is a Philadelphia based quintet playing their own blend of rock music. Comprised of extreme music fans, the band draws influence from any worthy source. Many common links realized within the band include (but are not limited to): The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Bob Marley and the Wailers, The Talking Heads, The Clash, Elvis Costello, NOFX and The Police. They are constantly challenging themselves to take their craft to the next level of songwriting, production and musicianship. They are a band that is not afraid to take chances, but, it should be noted that their sound still remains accessible without being glossy. The group pulls their collective influences, blending them with personal experiences and creates a sound that is hard to pinpoint, but at times can be compared to newer artists like Minus The Bear, Vampire Weekend, My Morning Jacket, The Mars Volta and Local Natives.


Mentally/Physically LP(2007)
Live Acoustic EP(2010)
The New Connection LP(in production)