The New Danger Kids

The New Danger Kids


"music that'll rip yr face off, in a good way" or "the sonic love child of two soul sisters, a combination of science fiction, rock, and dreams" or "rockin since the womb"


"We've been rocking together ever since we were but wee babies sharing our mother's womb. From there we've made it our personal mission to dominate the world"

Well, we grew up in Lethbridge Alberta and the two of us have played in many bands together including our first riot grrrrl band High Voltage and the Danger Kids which took Lethbridge by storm. After that it was the Things Gametes and then after we moved to Edinburgh in January of 2008 we changed our name to The New Danger Kids and recruited a bass player and drummer and recorded our self titled ep. We played numerous shows there and we were quite well recieved and developed a small following of dedicated Edinburgers. Kirsten and I then traveled to Australia for 3 months and played a few shows there in Tasmaina with just the two of us. We have played with several members over the years but the core of the band has always been my sister Kirsten who writes the lyrics and plays guitar and myself who plays lead guitar. We have been influenced by band such as sleater-kinney, sonic youth, electrelane, bikini kill, and pavement to name a few but the list of influences is exhaustive. As far as what sets us apart from other bands, well we're two twin sisters with awesome hair and attitudes to match. We've always been distinctive from the southern alberta main stream. In a music industry dominated by males we stand apart as we are both strong willed women and we love to rock! (and we usually look pretty good doing it too)

fuck yeah!!!
It's June 2009
Now three stumbling cretins joined the party to march the albertans DirtyDirty South on a venture to conquer catatonic theme's and peeps of Dethbridge, grab yr shit, time to dance!


They Called Them Pods

Written By: The Nocturnal Riot Babe

they called them pods. Like oversized marshmallows crowding the avenue. and likened to cacoons soon they would ope. they would open open open.

and birthed that day it was teenagers! full of doom. by dawn they would be dead.

sasha broke the first window. and steve steve steve he could'nt leave it alone he had to break a window of his own.

Technicolor Badlands

Written By: The Nocturnal Riot Babe

* the day that i created the video girl... she had a lense for an eye. the day that i created the video girl we sold a lie.

baby's got a switchblade and you got yr own hands.
good for flipping switches and performing hand-stands.
morse code the message through the hills: we got a movie to shoot. technicolor badlands and a floating moon


let's black out together lat's make a pact.
we'll shun the finer things, bed down with a wild wolf pack.
we could exist so animalistic how's that.
uh-huh we could exist so animalistic how's that


- "Alice Cooper" is featured on the Sled Island 2009 Compilation CD

- The New Danger Kids EP (Remastered) 2009

- The New Danger Kids EP 2008:

Set List

songs titles include:
technicolor badlands
two bastards
encounter with a super hero
i could eat you whole
one day yr eyes will leave you
lonley trip (gallop hard)
video tape
super sonic youth
shannon doherty
all the birds
alice cooper
i'm a thief
tiger pterodactyl
80's prom
they call them pods

All songs written by kirsten and brittany griffiths