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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Depressed American Dream (2004)"

Electro maggots The New Digital Sound offer a lot of marketability, whether it’s the amazing fact that they’ve released four new releases in one year or the fact that they pick up in techno/electronica where Moby left off prior to his “Play” album. With creative mixing and rhythmic beats, Copelinn, the man responsible for The New Digital Sound, fears no genre-twist; instead he seems to embrace the responsibility that comes with genre-crossing. Obviously he’s a fountain of talent who’s not afraid to look past expectations and well far down the road into a realm of critical praise and mainstream club appeal.
- Smother dot net

"Debut Album (2001)"

It’s usually MusicEmissions policy to not review any CD’s that come to us in CDR format but something told me to check out DJ Copelinn’s project called The New Digital Sound. Copelinn is in the category of IDM, along the lines of Autechre and other Warp artists. No really, this is a valid comparison and if you are a label looking for an electronica artist along the lines of Sybarite, you should get in touch with The New Digital Sound. Some of the tracks are darker than others but some actually have a shiny feel to them. The 13 tracks are diverse enough that you don’t get bored. An interesting track here is “Devoid of Emotion” where a news sample talking about a “bizarre murder” where Copelinn keeps it repeating for over 1 minute. The music is well produced and most likely recorded straight from Copelinn’s computer. There are no glitches that I can hear. So much good music like this goes unnoticed amongst all the rest.
- Music Emissions dot net


The New Digital Sound (2001)

Depressed American Dream (2004)

Species Protector (2007)


In 2003, the song "Pigment" was featured on Australian radio station 2-MBFS fm.

Other radio credits include: KSPC - FM (San Diego, CMJ reporting), WOMR - FM (Cape Cod), "Drool Through" radio program (Aural, WSCW - FM (Cleveland), Epipihany radio (net broadcast), American Idol Underground radio (net broadcast), Don Campau radio program (simulcast in San Fran and Berlin).


Feeling a bit camera shy


The idea behind The New Digital Sound started around 1995 in dirty basements strewn throughout various Massachusetts suburbs by Copelinn. His D. I. Y. approach was a result of frustration with the then dead local band scene. Early NDS songs were recorded using no more than a multitude of guitar stomp boxes, outdated drum machines, and simple analog four track tape recorders. While the early recordings were crude and imperfect, they showed a glimmer as to what direction Copelinn and The New Digital Sound would go.

It was around this time that Copelinn discovered artists such as Moby, DJ Shadow, Roni Size, Atari Teenage Riot, William Orbit, Underworld, The Pixies, The Clash, Tricky, Nine Inch Nails, Front 242, Joy Division, KMFDM, My Life With Thrill Kill Cult, Marilyn Manson and others. He found himself completely enamored with the idea of self-production and computer technology to achieve it. In 1999, amidst pre millennium hysteria, he befriended The Jack Bohlen Book Club brainchild Kevin Murphy while working a local record store. It was a result of this friendship that Copelinn then began his ever changing production style and D. I. Y. approach to musical creation: create the most dissonant music possible using technology. Armed with an HP Pavilion computer, he began writing his first album, which became a self-titled debut released in 2001. The album, all things considered, was a success -- garnering airplay, reviews, downloads and CD sales worldwide.

In early 2004, Copelinn returned to his studio to produce a follow-up entitled, "The Depressed American Dream," which was released in April of 2005. Again, after receiving similar success, The New Digital Sound had determined its' fate and direction in the indie music scene. After recieving more than 50,000 downloads on for the track "Exclude 17", The New Digital Sound was starting to attract an ever-increasing fanbase online. To date, the band's website ( has seen over over 4 million visitors.

This year The New Digital Sound will be releasing a follow-up entitled "Species Protector." This album promises to be a complete departure from earlier efforts, yet, still remains true to The New Digital Sound's original purpose. Aided by a host of indie musicians, Copelinn plans to take his electronic freak show to a venue near you.