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The New Divide "every(thing)ends." - 2009



There are only a few times in recorded history when the stars aligned and a truly amazing event occurred. This, friends, is one of those times, and you have the privilege of being alive on this earth to experience it as it is happening.

In 2009, the world is preparing itself to bear witness to the earth-shattering release of The New Divide’s debut EP, “everythingends.” Having studied the very essences of human thought and existence under the sage-like tutelage of a man down at 12th and Chestnut whose name may or may not be Confucius and/or Joe, TND have managed to push the envelope of awesome to the brink of awesomer with this release, delving deeply into a formidable arsenal of swelling guitars, vocal harmonies... and of course, pure, unadulterated, face-melting rock.

TND began with two longtime partners in crime: "vocalist" Ray Pine (if that's what you want to call him), and alleged bassist Dan Soffer (nothing has been proven, all legal actions are still pending). These two monsters of rock later recruited actual guitarist Brian Shirley, whose thick, meaty sound just screams "ROCK!" and "I need that video destroyed before it goes public!" With Brian's guitar work packing punches like Mike Tyson circa 1987, Ray working the pipes like a champ, and Dan continuing to show up for whatever reason, a 3-track demo was recorded. Thusly, the world first came to know the glory of TND in recorded form.

After recording the demo, the team staged a major coup by snagging guitarist TJ Schilling in free agency for the league minimum. His stylistic diversity and outside-the-box approach paid dividends almost immediately, though why he didn't demand a bigger contract remains a mystery. The group continued to play shows and write new material until everythingends was recorded in winter 2008/2009 with Vince Ratti (Circa Survive, This Day Forward, Zolof the Rock and Roll Destroyer) at The Skylight Studio.

Finally, the crew stumbled quite accidentally upon drummer Ryan Byrne, who was playing in a professional polka band at the time he signed his life away to TND. That's not even a joke. Seriously. It's not. Anyway, Ryan's strong sense of dynamics and wide skill set (or something like that) have already added value to TND, allowing the group to quickly book live performances and instill fear into the hearts of the masses once more.

The process from which these five forces of nature could craft the music of the stars is best left to historians and soothsayers to ponder, for the TND agenda is not to aggrandize themselves further, but to help those around them experience a life-changing event so grandiose in scale that the very concept of the universe itself would struggle to contain it within the universe... itself.