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The best kept secret in music



"Allston, Massachusetts trio The New Dumb might have a ridiculous moniker but their sound is serious. Utilizing multiple harmonies and hardy riffs, The New Dumb write pop songs wrapped in an enigma of indie rock and proto punk. But unlike so many likeminded groups, they never fall into the traps of discordant noise instead opting for catchy hooks. Imagine Hot Water Music with a singer that could sing like he was in a good emo band." -

"Fugazi Vs. Pixies Vs. Discotheque"

"Picture this: The Pixies and Fugazi are playing a show together (for all purposes we’ll say in Allston, MA) but the discotheque located next store has its sound system cranked and random shots of danceable, funktastic tunes keep breaking through the sounds of post/indie-punk. If you are creative and imaginative enough then you may be able to picture The New Dumb’s latest EP, This Could Be Disastrous: six well-varied songs which blend hooks and grooves with stripped-down indie/punk rock.

The album begins with the energetic “Princess,” a well driven song with a deadly bass line that serves as the perfect intro to the album. The follow-up, “Cross-eyed Bear,” is a bit more laid back, but no less enjoyable... not to mention it has a great vocal harmonies. “Rather” and “Awfully Good” both exhibit a good blend of post-punk smarts and pop appeal. But it is “Colossal” that is likely the finest track on the CD, being a perfect amalgamation of their various styles. The final song “Unbelievably Unsuccesful” is a nice way to close out the disc, having a mellow vibe similar to “Cross-eyed Bear.”

Musicianship is more than coherent by punk standards, and you can tell these 3 cats have enough experience playing music with each other that they are in the “groove.” The bass playing is especially noteworthy throughout the disc, with admirable drum work and guitar playing accompanying it. The multitude of vocals is a nice touch and the vocals are raw enough to have the indie-punk appeal, yet in key enough to not make me loathe it like much old school punk-rock. Overall this album may not be to the scale of a tsunami but it will hopefully make some waves in the scene for this hardworking band. The New Dumb have been at it for a few years now and this is album is a positive step forward for any band. Good songs, Good hooks, and a real nice package for the CD." - Independent Clauses

"Kick and Yowl"

"This could be disastrous, but instead it is quite good. The New Dumb did an impressive DIY release a few years ago and despite the big studio sound tweaks, still sounds very fresh and immediate. Fans of The Pixies, Fugazi, and The Misfits will easily latch onto the energy and the simplicity of the tunes. Foster Hoyt's vocal sounds a little too emo at first but can certainly kick and yowl when the band gets it into high gear. At times the band reminds me of a supercaffinated Firehose. This recording should be played loud and often." - The Noise

"making their music sound fun"

"The New Dumb’s greatest success is in making their music sound fun. With a nod to Do-It-Yourself artists and those fueled by the classic aesthetic of Devo and The Ramones, the group’s slightly unpolished pop refrains pump out a smart, short record. At just under 20 minutes in length and featuring six songs, This Could Be Disastrous is more than a tribute to the band’s punk influences — it’s a clever extension.

In their opening track, “Princess,” the band provides all the classic punk rock motifs: snarly guitars, a cowbell, and a chorus of “whoa, oh, oh” backing vocals. The result, however, isn’t a contrived confluence, but something that feels duly authentic. Pushing their tricks a bit further in “Rather,” The New Dumb employs an opening guitar riff that is amusingly intercut with sound bites from former CBS news anchor Dan Rather and continues with some irreverent lyrics and playful music. Though the band draws perilously close to ska territory in “Awfully Good,” they redeem themselves quickly with vocalist Foster Hoyt’s dynamic singing style, which sounds its best on the final track, “Unbelievably Unsuccessful.”

The trick to The New Dumb’s triumph is their willingness to avoid taking themselves too seriously while still recording some serious music. As cheeky as punk can be and as simple as its structure can get, it’s a common mistake to assume it’s simplistic. By performing Kylie Minogue covers in concert (“Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”) and even in their choice of band name, it’s clear The New Dumb seek to disarm their listeners early on. At the same time, they’re willing to pen songs about relevant topics and manage to take us by surprise at each attempt with their singular songwriting style, offering up the essence of punk in a contemporary offshoot that is definitely worth hearing." (Future City Records)

-Len Sousa, New England Performer, December 2006 - New England Performer

"The New Dumb makes loud, eclectic humorous rock 'n' roll"

Local bands bring the rock back to Boston:
The New Dumb makes loud, eclectic humorous rock 'n' roll
- Caitlin Weaver

Allston-based band The New Dumb recently released its rock/punk-infused debut EP This Could Be Disastrous.

In case you were wondering, it's not.

Emerson alumni (class of 2002) Foster Hoyt (vocals and guitar) and Jason Edmands (bass) and Boston College grad Brian Rusnica (drums) make up this energetic three-piece band.

Formed in 2003, The New Dumb name Fugazi, mclusky, Ween, Weezer and The Hives as influences for its completely original and random compositions.

On the song "Rather," a strange ode to the ex-CBS news anchor Dan Rather, lyrics such as "most people would rather smile / but Dan Rather's been 'round a while" showcase the band's humorous side.

Hoyt's vocals aren't exactly harmonious, but they fit the energy of each song on the EP. It's sometimes tough to understand what he is singing, but that's the norm in this genre and is forgivable.

On "Cross-Eyed Bear," Hoyt powers up for the chorus but ends the song with a mellower voice.

"Princess" is a fast-paced song with a memorable hook, and "Awfully Good" has a catchy guitar riff.

"Colossal" is one of the better songs on the EP, with simple lyrics and a good chorus; "Unbelievably Unsuccessful" sounds like it would be successful as a radio single.

It's vaguely reminiscent of The Rasmus' "In the Shadows," with a more hardcore sound.

It's clear The New Dumb would rather be singing about pure randomness then about the typical love and heartbreak of most indie bands of today.

And with that band name, it's obvious the members aren't pretentious.

In an interview with The Beacon, Rusnica said "The New Dumb" is the name of a chapter in one of gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson's books.

"We picked it from a list of 200 names," Rusnica said.

As for his favorite show The New Dumb has ever played, Rusnica said the This Could Be Disastrous record release party in July at Great Scott in Allston was definitely number one.

"We played some older songs there, and the audience knew the words," he said. "It was a full-circle kind of moment."

The band had previously self-released a 13-song demo in 2003 entitled My Mom Has 20 Copies.

This Could Be Disastrous is The New Dumb's first actual full-length release, and is a completely do-it-yourself project.

"We went to the studio to record," said Rusnica. "But we did the [album cover] design and packaging by ourselves, and printed them ourselves."

The result: a great EP that needs to be played loud-with the bass up-to be truly appreciated. - Berkeley Beacon (Emerson College)

"what happened to the old dumb?"

"I’m not really sure what happened to the old dumb. Seems that just yesterday, the old dumb was busy figuring out what to do about North Korea and weeding NAMBLA members out of Congress. Now there’s a New Dumb, and they play rock that reminds me of Fugazi, but in a newer, less D.C., more Allston-ish way. "

- The Weekly Dig, 'Defend Yourself' Profile, October 2006 - Boston's Weekly Dig


Well-Rounded Radio Mix #4: (Awfully Good and Colossal): "both are from their debut EP called This Could be Disastrous, which is a really tremendous EP and it could be my favorite of the month."

- Charles McEnerney, Well Rounded Radio, February 2007 - Well-Rounded Radio

"nothing excessive"

"These guys are a no-frills, straight ahead rock band in the tradition of Fugazi and The Talking Heads. When it seems like most local acts are more focused on their quasi-post-punk-emo-esque-b.s. image and rehashing crappy pulp rock, the New Dumb show up, rock their set with solid songs and walk off stage having given you their music and nothing excessive. I dig these guys."

- Dustin Lee, WRBB Radio - "Some Things Considered" - WRBB Radio

"Live Show Review = Goofy Fun"

"The New Dumb are the band I've come to see, because the drummer is a great guy with excellent taste in music. His band are a three-piece, playing simple, silly punk songs. ...I like the guitarist's grumpily self-deprecating patter, and some of the songs (the pirate song in particular) are goofy fun."

- Steve Gisselbrecht of The Noise - Live Show Review - Steve Gisselbrecht of The Noise


2006 - This Could Be Disastrous EP
2004 - My Mom Has 20 Copies EP


Feeling a bit camera shy


The New Dumb is a three-piece indie/punk/rock band from Allston, MA. The band was formed in 2003. In their set of short and loud stripped-down, dance-worthy rock numbers, you’ll find a sharply developed Ween-ish sense of humor that will warm even the coldest of hearts. And with songs about things like metrosexual narcissism, Canadian (and American) news anchormen, and visually impaired bears, they make sure that there’s a little something for everyone. Earplugs strongly recommended.
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Reviews of 2006's "This Could be Disastrous"

"This recording should be played loud and often."
- The Noise, October 2006

"[the new dumb]...manage to take us by surprise at each attempt with their singular songwriting style, offering up the essence of punk in a contemporary offshoot that is definitely worth hearing."
-New England Performer, December 2006

"It's clear The New Dumb would rather be singing about pure randomness then about the typical love and heartbreak of most indie bands of today. And with that band name, it's obvious the members aren't pretentious...The result: a great EP that needs to be played loud-with the bass up-to be truly appreciated."
- The Berkeley Beacon (Emerson College), October 2006