The New Familia

The New Familia

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To understand us you must 1st understand the concept of family.nothing comes B4 the family.Each member was led to family by what we beliveve to be the hand of God. If not for the goals and the structure set and achived by this new family the music thats about to change the world wouldn't be here


The New Familia the First Group to sign with Buckhead. The Artist are as follow:

Lynn Smith AKA $wann - Swann the father too them all. He put this crew together.

Tamyka Green AKA Purple Reighn - Purple Reighn is da 1st lady of Buckhead Records she is da only artist under the record company thats a member of both of the groups
she's like a big sister to the other female artist under the lable her style is unique & outgoing, and she still haves time to rip shows.

Gary Whitaker AKA JR - J.R. is like da quiet storm he sit back and wait wait wait then rain on them when we need a hit record he is very valuable to the team.

Carlos Paker AKA LIL Los - This young boy here takes the cake and run wit it he's real exsplosive on tracks and will have you pressing rewind because you are going to want here again his style of rap is destin to have him as won of the elite rappers in da future.

Ricardo Miller AKA Dark Cyde - This young boy came to the company to do a colabo and he love the company and the company love him. So he stayed. His punch lines are incredable. He will have you pressing rewind too. He also will be one of the elite rappers in da future.

Thomas Stokes AKA Unk Tom - Unk comin to us from MFL. He's just as his name say. He's the Unk to us all and his flow is incredable cause you know how artirt flow on beat, around beat, he flow over the beat. You have to hear him to belive it.



Written By: Unk Tom

Verse 1
Now I done took a pill today. My Newport fermadilhide. I don't need ta be out here. Gotta find a place ta hide. My man got them whole sale welcome to the other side. It's a lil hot for that so imma play the other side. Police ciculating jumpouts homicide. Imma roll the otherway. See my son and catch a ride. Looking for the cranking joints. Skitches ain't right forreal mean they got that game witum. Talk to um feed um pills. Hit um twice and let um go for the play dem mind games. Gotta nuff going on I don't need the migram looking for the hydro youngin got bush for sale. Buy a bag smoke a jay. Come back rasin hell. Why you take my money for knew yah stash wasn't right. Still took my money doe know yah need ta get me right. Whatca mean I running game yah know we do this all the time smoke enough ta know the trith so why yah playin wit my mind

Yes Doe I walk thru these streets of South East I fear no evil no man alive no killa no broad gone play wit my mind it's gon all come together it's just a matter of time

Verse 2
Now my peoples needa ta come together tried ta tell um we the click whole world up against us tryna find a way ta stop the click you can thank the feds for that got us playing cat and mouse they jummpin outta mini vans im runnig in the house i dont got tim for this i dont even hustle who you say you talking bout i aint never heard of dem i'm tryna get my quota in three girs fly me in i aint even ate today sitting in this hallway thinking bout donte he aint havta go that way shoulda walked the ova way coulda meet a pro that day coulda been my day shoulda been my day lord keep his soul i pray and thats my prayer everyday yea he was opne of us said they heard the guns bust now duck gone away but he aint really gone we split a pill the ova day thats how we keep the pain away the 1738 and nottie head keep us straight


Verse 3

now i never take a breath for granted death can come day or night its looking like a zombie movie smokers moving left and and right all day 6 and 8 cant seem ta get it say i see yah all time and imma fly yah inta night i dont got time for this i dont even hustle slim youngins serving undercovers imma stay away from them you aint never seen no so tell me ya serve him den four feds squad jump out close um in feds on everything snitches talking day and night motor mouths dry snitching run they mouth day and night hole hood pointing fingers guess untill they get right police laughin at us they aint gone get it right workin wit the real boy talking to um day who gone finger next cant even sleep at night waiting for the sun ta rise you can see it in my eyes i dont get peace in these streets of south east



Dear Lord