The New Highway Hymnal
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The New Highway Hymnal

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States

Haverhill, Massachusetts, United States
Band Rock Americana


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"C.D. On Songs: The New Highway Hymnal - "When It's My Time""

You were expecting The New Highway Hymnal to be what? More... hymnal? Maybe not so gnarly? There is no hint of "hymns" or other solemnities in "When It's My Time," instead the song chooses to swing and swing hard. The point A-point B of this particular track's swing is a minor third - recognized as the gnarliest of all intervals. You know it.

"When It's My Time" becomes a study of that interval; articulating it through almost every hearable aspect of the track. The drummer probably even tuned his tom-drums (as long as he had one of those drum keys that drummers are always carrying around). The most prevalent sounds are the guitars and vocals. The former of gnashes around the grimy sound-floor of the track and the latter raises itself up in distorted frustration; as if each phrase is an attempt at... something.

The grating mood of this song is what carries it through and tells its story. There is a certain air of resignation to the tone, but also another one of indignation or perhaps mild frustration. The New Highway Hymnal expresses itself competently, presenting and setting the mood (and it is a mood) effectively. - Boston Band Crush

"The Wormtown Hoedown and Review"

...Second on the bill is Haverhill’s The New Highway Hymnal, with their unique psychedelic Americana. No strangers to The Raven, The NHH have recently amazed folks with their swampy sound and trippy material. They will be playing songs from their upcoming EP, Songs (from the New Highway Hymnal.) This is the band to see so you can say you “saw them when.” They won’t be unknown around here for long... - The Pulse


"Songs (from the New Highway Hymnal)" (EP)



The New Highway Hymnal is a neo-psychedelic rock and roll band from northern Massachusetts. Recently they have just finished their EP "Songs (from the New Highway Hymnal)" and have started to cultivate a new psyche rock scene in the Haverhill area. Together they combine the dirt and soul of delta blues with Doors-inspired grooves and vintage drones reminiscent of the Velvet Underground into a loud, heavy, reverb-drenched sound.