The New Law

The New Law

 Seattle, Washington, USA
BandEDMHip Hop

Recently voted as one of the "Next 1,000 Top Artists" by URB Magazine, THE NEW LAW are Justin Neff and Adam Straney, a Seattle intrumental hiphop and electronic group. They focus on epic movie soundtrack-style songs layered over deep, pulsating hiphop beats along with live instrumentation on top.


Seattle based producers Adam Straney and Justin Neff are sonic wizards. Together, they have created a unique style of instrumental music featuring organic and synthetic hip hop beats combined with evolving soundscapes, dreamlike sax, dusty samples, soaring synths, and pulsing drum machines that can only be defined as The New Law.

Adam began his musical career playing guitar, bass, and drums in punk bands throughout his youth. In college he discovered a new love for Drum 'n' Bass music, which soon led to DJing and producing. Justin began playing the piano at age six, picked up the saxophone at age twelve, and has played in jazz, funk and rock bands ever since. The duo met during college while working at a movie theater, and their mutual passion for music of all genres served as a foundation for what would become The New Law.

More than half a decade later, The New Law has been featured as an up-and-coming artist in magazines and websites such as, textura and, in addition to being selected as Urb Magazine's Next 1,000 Artists.


THE NEW LAW - "The New Law" - 2006
THE NEW LAW - "High Noon" - 2009

Collaborations Tracks on following albums:
Paul T - "Audiobiography" 2008
Fanu - "Homefree" 2009

Many tracks have airplay on various radio stations around the world, as well as on independent films.

Set List

1-2 hours. A huge mix of original New Law songs with new unreleased ones, remixed or created live on stage. All songs are mixed and combined together in key to create constant evolving textures, heavy beats, and harmonies. Live sax, flute, and synths are layered on top as well.

Visuals/projection behind set of epic movie scenes mixed together in psychedelic colors and FX.