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The New Mars

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF

Austin, Texas, United States | SELF
Band Alternative Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Tammy Miranda Music Productions"

“The New's brand new cd brings us a rare fresh mix of modern alternative rock sounds with vocals reminiscent of influences such as Jack White and The Toadies. Tracks include soaring arena rock guitar licks that just pull the listener in and make your heart race. There's something electrifying and intriguing about this new project. Im predicting great success for this group of sexy, talented rising rock stars! Their live show ROCKS! I feel so fortunate to work with these guys!”

Tammy Miranda
Tammy Miranda Music Productions - Tammy Miranda

"Dwight Arnold"

I like the energy of this song! It's frenetic and very cool. I'll bet this song burns up the stage live! This would be a song I would use if I were managing the band and was booking gigs for them....are they that good live?

I might do an edit and take out the "God Dam"'s....some more conservative radio shows might not dig's not an FCC violation, but why risk it?

Once again...alternative is the only way to go....but the song will certainly get a STRONG reaction...and even if some of those reactions are for sure gets a response one way or the other....SHOP THIS ONE.

I'll spin each of the 2...1 on 12/5 and the other on 12/12..

I hope that was the kind of input you were looking for.....

Dwight Arnold
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heard on "Q1033" and
HOST Sunday mornings 103.7 FM - Host "Sunday Night Music Meeting"

"The Leander Ledger "Local band ready to rock Austin""

The Leander Ledger
Local band ready to rock Austin

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | by Amy Fowler

Wayne Watts, Justin Green and Jon Derrington will play 9 p.m. tonight at the Red Eye Fly. If 30 people come to the show, they will get a spot on the Saturday night line up. Photo by AMY FOWLER

The New was ready to rock the crowd on Memorial Day. Justin Green, Jon Derrington and Wayne Watts were excited to have booked a gig at a house party in Cedar Park, and the party’s host said he expected 100 or more people to show up. However, it was nearing the end of the evening and only a handful had actually shown up.

That wasn’t going to stop The New. They set up their equipment, had a couple of beers and started their first song. Within five minutes, complaints from the neighbors put an end to the show.It wasn’t exactly a spectacular performance, but the guys shrugged it off as a stepping stone toward where they really want to be.
“Any publicity is good publicity unless the police are involved, I guess,” Watts, the son of Leander City Engineer Wayne Watts, said with a laugh.

The trio have played together off and on since high school, where Watts and Green met while attending Leander High School. Derrington joined the group from a rival school. He and Green came together because of their involvement in theater.
“Me and Justin used to compete against each other in One Act play,” he said.

They parted ways after graduation. Green joined the military and Derrington went to college in Santa Fe. But they came back together when Green formed The New with Nathan Snyder.“We were together for six weeks and we had a six-song demo,” Derrington said. In the beginning, Green said their songs were about simplicity. Their goal was to get the music in their heads out into the open.

In April, Snyder decided to leave the group, and Derrington said the remaining members decided to take another look at their songs.
“We got a new sound out of it,” he said of Snyder’s departure. “Now I guess we’re more experimental.”The split was amicable and the guys said they still hang out with Snyder, but they said the new sound jives better with who they are. Derrington said an experimental, edgy sound fits better with their band’s name.

“Our name is The New and our old sound wasn’t new at all,” he said. The guys described their new sound as a blending of The White Stripes, Modest Mouse and the Toadies, with a generous sprinkling of Queens of the Stone Age. Watts said they still work with the same basic tunes they started with, just with a little revamping.“We play the same songs, so we put them through the meat grinder,” he said. The guys said because they all have such a long history together, it’s easier to try new things and make their different ideas blend together in a cohesive sound. “It’s really an old friendship,” Green said. “ We all really respect each other a lot.”
With their new sound, they said they are ready to build their fan base.

They have a show tonight at the Red Eye Fly and are hoping for a better turnout than Memorial Day. “If we get 30 people to come, they’ll give us the Saturday night gig,” Derrington said. They’ve also joined several contests, including a Battle of the Bands in Austin and one sponsored by 101X.
Green said earning name recognition is just a matter of getting out there and playing. “We have a lot of energy. We bring in a lot of people,” he said. “It’s really just falling into place.”
- The Leander Ledger Wednesday, June 16, 2010 | by Amy Fowler

"‘The New' gets major Austin gigs"

‘The New' gets major Austin gigs

By Christine Bolaños, HCN (Hill Country News)

It began with Craigslist.

Justin Green hoped the site would help him find his future band mates. Around the corner from him - literally - Nathan Snyder was looking for locals who shared his passion for rock music.

The first meeting was awkward until they realized they were not only both serious about getting their music careers rolling, but they both lived in Leander.

And so, they began the search for the rest of their band.

After some failed attempts with various studio musicians, they brought in old high school bandmates Jon Derrington and Wayne Watts to fill the void.

Snyder became lead electric guitarist, Green took on the role of vocalist and acoustic guitarist, while Derrington, from Austin, became bass guitarist, and Cedar Park's Watts, completed the band as drummer.

Next on the agenda was coming up with a short and easy-to-remember band name.

“The” is a staple in the music industry so it was important to find a name to incorporate the word, Green said.

“We found ‘The New' wasn't taken (by any known bands) and we thought, ‘that rocks!'” he said. “I just typed it (on Google Internet search engine) ‘cause I was getting really frustrated, and found it wasn't taken.”

Within a month, The New has launched a MySpace profile page with their upcoming show schedule, a music play list and a fan mailing list.

The band is currently working on recording a debut album and continue filling their calendar with shows in the Austin area. Their first show is set for March 15 at Krush Lounge at 9 p.m.

The New will be playing their second show during the RedGorilla Music Fest on March 16 opening at Sixth Street's Dizzy Rooster in Austin at 7 p.m. The festival takes place the same week as South by Southwest, which the band hopes will help expose them to potential fans swarming to Austin that week to partake in the internationally-known live music celebration. Their March 19 show at Giddy Ups in Austin is also part of the RedGorilla and is set to begin at 1 p.m.

When asked what makes them different from the hundreds of bands playing in Austin, The New said they stick to “good old rock and roll,” and “keep it back to the roots” of the rock music genre.

The unsigned band already has 424 friends on their MySpace account and showed a demo tape to a small, local recording studio.

It can be a battle when it comes to picking what music radio station to listen to in the car because of competing and contrasting music preferences among the band members. But they wouldn't have it any other way, they said. This allows for a variety of musical influences such as The Dave Matthews Band and Led Zeppelin to reflect in their music.

The New encourages music lovers to watch their shows where they will be passing out their demo CDs. For a full show schedule, visit www.the
- Hill Country News


Dream In Dollars But Live In Cents (EP)



The New Mars is a rock band founded in early 2010 based out of Austin, Texas.

As of now The New Mars has a song spinning on FM radio i California, Texas, Germany and Australia. They are also on countless internet radio shows.

“The New Mars brings us a rare fresh mix of  modern alternative rock sounds with vocals reminiscent of influences such as Jack White and The Toadies. Tracks include soaring arena rock guitar licks that just pull the listener in and make your heart race. There's something electrifying and intriguing about this new project. Im predicting great success for this group of sexy, talented rising rock stars! Their live show ROCKS! I feel so fortunate to work with these guys!”

Tammy Miranda
Tammy Miranda Music Productions

The New Mars has their Debut EP "Dream In Dollars But Live In Cents" available on Itunes now