The New Nervous

The New Nervous


The New Nervous' music is a brand of rock that is new to most listeners. Some people have explained our music as a mix of The Mars Volta and Circa Survive. We use varying time signatures and rhythms while maintaining accessibility through sing-a-long vocals and melodies.


“The hands down, most talented band I know –signed or unsigned.” Caz Beven, Now on Tour

The New Nervous, Provo, UT based band, is compiled of four members: Scott Shepard, vocals and guitar; Joshua Dunn, bass and percussion; Jon Whitley, drums and percussion; and Kellen Holgate, guitar and synthesizer. The band formed in October 2005 and has experienced a warm welcome to the local scene in Utah. In TNN’s hometown sizable crowds turn out for most every show and often fill venues to capacity.

Each member of the band brings an unusual musical experience to the group upon which all members draw. Influences range from The Beatles to Deftones, Tool to Mew. This eclectic pool of experience has contributed to a unique music styling and sound that is its own brand of rock. Some have compared the sounds of The New Nervous to such contemporaries as Circa Survive, Portugal the Man, and The Mars Volta.

Music for TNN is an expression of self and life, emotions and experience. Making music and writing songs is a constant attempt to convey a new and fascinating point-of-view of things seen through our eyes as they pass us by often unnoticed. This is the basis of TNN’s first studio recording.

Frantic is The New Nervous (2007) is the title of TNN’s debut EP. In a world overwhelmed with sensationalism, being nervous is no longer enough. Frantic is The New Nervous rises above social clamor and offers music that is innovative and refreshing. The recording is composed of seven songs accompanied by two bonus tracks for a total of nine tunes.

Drawing from a vast and obscure vocabulary, Shepard weaves beautiful tapestries based on sing-a-long melodies. Holgate, Whitley, and Dunn mingle altering rhythms, electronic voices, and unrivaled musical harmonies to create a strong yet attractive foundation upon which Shepard’s melodies thrive. Listeners often feel compelled to show support during live sets by contrasting their version of songs guided by Shepard’s infectious lyrics.



Written By: Scott Shepard

Tonight this tune I'll write for you, sadly you've no clue what I have been up to.
Be sharp (B#). look for the notes I left hanging gently in the treble clef.
Tragic but true, my rhythm and timing were always too much for you
Your frequency was never enough for me.

I let you go down the deepest of decrescendos.

How can I hum this monotone melody when all I crave is the sound of a symphony?

It's your song that's killing me- softly. (oh but you sing it so sweetly)

The notes were whole but my heart beat in stacato.
Mine combines with yours to make 4/4 but I crave so much more.
Tragic but true- my love, my love, was never enough for you.

I hear my heart in stereo rhythmically repeating "no, no ,no".

How can I hum this monotone melody when it's a cheap, misbegotten facsimile?


Our Mission Statement

Written By: Scott Shepard

I stand all amazed at the malaise we choose to live in everyday.
In this mediacracy/mediocracy, this mediocre life we lead led by TV and silver screens.
It's monkey see- monkey do.
It's a vicious world we live in but then again,
so are you.

Don't your feelings hurt?

Hollywood dictates and you take the notes on the very paper designed to slit our throats.
Hollywood dictates, you sing every note in the very register designed to wreck your throat.

I feel like a spoiled child who held the world in their hands but never knew.
I feel like a spoiled child who held the world in their hands but let it slip through.
I feel like a spoiled child.


Your high horses and soap boxes are all just false precipices and
when there is a time and there is a space
we will rise.

When there is a time and we've cleared the space we will rise, we will rise and tear out this page from hollywood.

Hollywood dictate- we won't sing your notes.

The Struggle

Written By: Scott Shepard

Did you find blood on the carpet last night? Did you find crushed up flakes from the kitchen light?
I hope you walk barefoot through this room and mix your blood with mine.

I opened the back door to a dying sky and I slept off the hurt you left where corpses lie. There's comfort in my peers.
I hope you die.

So let me tell you why I wrote this song: to show you that I care.
And you can listen to it while I struggle for air.

Did you find blood on the carpet last night? And did you find crushed up flakes from the kitchen light?
And did you find me hanging there struggling for air?

Collapse Your Lungs

Written By: Scott Shepard

Collapse your lungs. Not enough room in your body anymore.

Was it the death of the new age that made you want to go and alter your face?
Was it the all seeing public eye that made you want to go and alter your insides?

Draw the parallels between you and the girls in the magazines.
"I'll never look like that"
Your enchantment with enhancement leaves you inadequate
"Oh, I'm just too fat"
"Pain is pretty" Is it worth the sacrifice?

Collapse your lungs. Not enough room in your body anymore. (pain is pretty)

Captain common sense jumped ship when you traded collagen for oxygen.
Was it the all seeing public eye that made you want to go and alter your insides?

So you cut cause it makes you feel better.
(don't cut yourself)
So you cut cause pain is so pretty
(don't cut yourself)
You cut but it won't make you feel better.

Collapse your lungs. Not enough room in your body. Not enough room

The Ocean Ate Your Words

Written By: Scott Shepard

Put your pen to paper.
Paper to bottle.
Bottle to sea.
"I'll never see you again" is what the silent treatment always said to me.
Should you continue your quietude then I will throw you overboard
because I am bored of boring you.

I hear the ocean this time of year is nice,
so lets stop by
and we could drown this sinking feeling
once and for all
if we just try

Loose lips sink friendships.

If I'm an anchor weighing you down
then I'm anxious to drown
you and all your friends
cause I'm the better half you'll never halve

Put your message in a bottle. (Ah ah)
Throw your bottle out to sea. (ah Ah)
Your message will meander for miles. (ah Ah)
Your message will never get to me. (Ah ah)

We could drown this sinking feeling but the ocean ate your words.

Loose lips sink friendships. LOOSE LIPS SINK FRIENDSHIPS.


Loose lips sink friendships
(but the ocean ate your words)
I'm the better half you'll never halve.

The ocean floor, I've heard before, is nice this time of year. It's nice.


Written By: Scott Shepard

Pharmacadia: Where society thrives on what the doctor prescribes
Pharmacadia: These pills keep us alive like a trojan horse inside.

Lets burn this temple down.
This monument set to our medications.
Lets burn this temple down.
This monument set to our imperfections.

Is there a doctor in the house?
I've got this body full of chemicals that I want out.

We kneel to a temple of pills.
We kneel to the temple of-

Pharmacadia: Where perfection is achieved through chemicals in blood streams.
Pharmacadia: Side effects unchecked will leave us all genuflect
to pills.

Is there a doctor in the house?
Our demise is prescribed and taken twice a day mouth.

Lets burn this temple down.
I hope we all get out.

Don't kneel to this temple of pills.


EP-Frantic is The New Nervous-2007

The New Nervous can be heard on Utah radio station X96 KZHT and also regionally in Maverik convenience stores. They also receive airplay on several high school and college radio stations.

Several of The New Nervous' tracks can also be found streaming online on various websites such myspace and many others. The New Nervous can also be heard and purchased on iTunes.

Set List

Our Mission Statement-5:57
Habeus Corpses-4:14
Collapse Your Lungs-4:03
Our Mission Statement-5:57
Kid Icarus-4:40
The Ocean Ate Your Words-4:15
You Are the Ocean-2:00

We typically play a single set and play anywhere from 30-45 minutes; although, we have played longer sets from time to time depending on the venue.

We rarely, if ever, do covers.