The New Plague

The New Plague


The New Plague is one of northern California's most extreme forces of demonic death metal.


The new Plague from auburn California formed in 1995 as a two-piece band. Over the years, the band eventually became a three piece and went through some line up changes. To current date their strongest line up is:
Adam Whitley – Lead guitar/vocals & founding member
De Garcia – Bass guitar
Aaron Copelan – Drums
Style and Showmanship
Their style of music is self titled “demonic death metal” but would be described as an intense mixture crossing the lines between death metal, thrash, hardcore, grind core, and black metal but never enough to categorize as any such style, thus demonic death metal was adopted due to the lyrical content of demonic possession and the occult. The New Plague as showmen is equally as extreme as the music. From front man Adam Whitley attacking a custom 7 string warlock and singing into a crudely fashioned double barrel shotgun for a mic stand to de Garcia mixing it up with the crowd while easily pulling off crushing bass lines and Aaron Copelan ‘s brutal but technical drumming style, combined elements that form a unique synergy.
Lyrical Debaucheries
The range of lyrics could be the broadest spectrum in the band. Reading the lyrics, a common topic would be a pity and disgust for the condition of the human race. Aside from the occult, the lyrics deal with misanthropic views and self-loathing, masochistic tendencies, Viking ancestry, and an over all fixation with the ancient daemon “pazuzu” god of plagues. A well schooled knowledge of the occult and ancient anthropology makes for and interesting read.


Stormbringer- EP - 1996
Cult of the Dragon- EP- 1998
Shackled and Enslaved- LP - 2000
Diary of a Misanthrope- LP - 2002

Set List

Godcantsaveme, Afterlife, World Annihalation, Lust for A Succubbus, Everyone Will Lose, Insatiable, Pazuzu, Extreme Manifestation of Demonic Possesion. The length is generally about 50 mins including set up time.