The New Rags

The New Rags


Two piece piano-based rock band who perform pop/rock songs with instrumental ragtime songs. Catchy songs, fun live performances and great musical ability.


The New Rags are a New York based duo that combines Pop, Rock and Ragtime. Their perfomances, complete with concise pop songs, hooks and instrumental interludes, show off their influences which range from Scott Joplin to Ben Folds, 60s pop to the aggressive piano playing of Jerry Lee Lewis. The New Rags are loud and hard rocking, yet have shunned the typical guitar-based stereotype of a good rock band.


The New Rags Take Jennie To Brooklyn! EP- July 2005

Set List

45 minute set consists of mostly original songs with occasional classic Scott Joplin covers such as "Maple Leaf Rag" and fun covers such as The Beach Boys "Be True To Your School" thrown in for variety.