The New Red Moons

The New Red Moons

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

The New Red Moons are an energetic rock trio who combine sparse, punchy instrumentals with soaring melodies and lush harmonies. Drawing inspiration from 60's rock, old-timey folk, and modern lo-fi, The New Red Moons draw crowds with their great lyrics, memorable hooks, and exciting performances.


Since the release of their self-titled debut album in July 2011, The New Red Moons have been working feverishly to spread the good news of their brand of indie rock to the great lakes region. Performing to growing audiences in Milwaukee, Chicago, and the surrounding area, the band has garnered praise from listeners and critics alike for their live performances as well as their album, which has been called an “indie gem”(Music That Isn’t Bad) and has received air-play on 88.9Radio Milwaukee and WMSE. Not the lazy types, the trio is now completing work on their second full-length album, which should be out this fall.

Conceived among the falling leaves of a midwest autumn and born on a cold Milwaukee night in January 2009, The New Red Moons is a trio of Milwaukee musicians who together have forged sound unto themselves. The songs draw inspiration form all over the musical map of the last century, skirting the line between Folk, Rock, and Americana, with generous helpings of Tin Pan Alley, Gospel, and 50’s Roots Rock. The sound is melodic, haunting, and sultry; driven by economic and rhythmic instrumentals overlaid by soaring vocal lines and lush harmonies. The result has been compared to The Beatles, Radiohead, Nick Drake, Fleet Foxes and many others.
The release of The New Red Moons in July 2011 was a culmination of 2 years of constant performing, songwriting, and staying up way too late, and the album was meant to capture the live set that the band had developed. Utilizing few effects and no overdubs, the album presents the sound of The New Red Moons as you would hear it live: sparse, ethereal, and heart-rending. According to the Documents Unknown music blog,
“The New Red Moons album actually plays like an album should (and used to), setting a mood, holding it, and providing an ebb and flow with the kind of dangerously addictive consistency from the first track to the last that makes you feel sold short if allowed only a partial listen.”

Last autumn, the band began recording their second album, which is in post-production now, and should be released in November. They couldn't be more excited to bring these newest songs to audience around the midwest, and are looking forward to an autumn full of gigs.



Written By: Joseph McIlheran

Wake up, little honey, we’ve landed
Wake up, it’s time to go
Open your eyes, see the brand-new skies
As the ground rushes up from below
Wake up and say hello

Come on and look out the window
See the places we used to know
All the borders have faded, the forests invaded
By silvery ribbons and bows
Miles and miles below

So high you can’t see the people
Only the things they’ve done
Cities and roads and the cars we once drove
See them shining in the setting sun
In the shadow of the world to come

See the cities like galaxies shining
In a mirror to the midnight sky
Every star is a home and I feel so alone
Not a single star left for me
I can’t seem to find a home for me

‘Cause I’ve been searching for something
Something I used to know
Trying to remember a feeling
That I had so long ago
This feeling just won’t let me go

So wake up, honey, we’ve landed
Wake up, it’s time to go
I’ve been feeling so down I’m just glad you’re around
As the autumn wind starts to blow
I’ll be looking for you in the snow

On a mountain top
On the highest rock
I’ll be waiting for a sign
From you, from you


The New Red Moons (self-titled album) 2011
Mesmerisme (in production) 2013

Set List

1 hour, all original