The New Seasons

The New Seasons


The New Seasons are an alternative/indie/jam band comprised of two people who love to play music. We take all of our influences and our favorite styles of music and combine them to create a sound all our own. To us, the live show is most important, so, we maintain a good, energetic live show.


The New Seasons are a jam band with a DIY sensibility, a punk/alternative background, some jazz and funk influences sprinkled in, and a good dose of rock music. Consisting of Iain Standing on guitar and bass, and Declan Poehler on drums/vocals, The New Seasons formed after the demise of their previous band, FeedBack, in which Declan played drums and sang, and Iain played bass. Following the end of FeedBack, Iain, who had already been playing guitar for 6 years, began studying classical and jazz guitar with Maurice Arenas, adding to his already blues influenced guitar style. Declan, who is a self taught drummer with incredible skill began to incorporate jazz and funk style rhythms in to his playing style to create a distinctive sound, especially with his vintage kit. Declan lacks the ability to read music but makes up for it with his amazing sense to hear and feel a song.

We are influenced by such bands and musicians as: Presidents of the United States of America, the White Stripes, Foo Fighters, Kenny Aronoff, Joe Bonamassa, Clutch, Oysterhead, the Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Howlin' Wolf, Green Day, the Japandroids, the Caesars, the Ramones, the Hives, Elastica, Elvis Costello, the Clash, Cracker, etc.

In one practice the band had already gathered about twenty songs, all of which can be heard on the demo, live, or any other recordings. When they record, they opt to use a basic premise of the song, and then do a play through the song in its entirety, with the solo or jam section being completely off the cuff and free form in an attempt to capture the live and rawness of their performance, as well as prove their ability to play off of one another. Most songs they record occur in one take.

We now have a few shows in the future, one on August 25th at Jams Music Center, another at Frederick Music Festival on September 29th, and a few others in September.


Skin and Bones

Written By: Iain Standing, Declan Poehler

What weight’s been dragging you down?
Whose crutch have you been leaning on?
What change have you been going through?
Has your compass gone right around?

Have you missed your fork in the road?
Has the pressure left you dry?
What do you take to keep this deception up?
How do you go to sleep at night?

I had a feeling this would go bad
Not another night alone
Living in a goldfish bowl
Is hardly half the fun

You shake, you shake it off to keep it in
You want to love, but you don’t let it in
You know, you know what’s happening
You’re turning in to skin and bones
I change, I change but I can’t ever see
Down the barrel when you look at me
I know, I know that you’ll never be
Skin and bones, are what’s killing me
Do you know where the river lies?
What did you do when you heard their lies?
Do you know if your memory is coming back?
Are you gonna have another panic attack?

Did you keep on listening?
When the people around turned away?
Did you notice the gentle stares?
Were you caught unawares at them?

I had a feeling this would go bad
Someone would get hurt
One last arbitrary stance
To get the blood flowing


Leather studded kerosene
Let’s not go make a scene
The world can be funny when you’re broken

You know it always seems to show
When you’ve seen a ghost
But are you looking in the mirror?



The New Seasons- Demo 1
- Skin and Bones
- She Says
- That One with the Drumbeat
- Dance to the Lonely Beat
- An Afternoon's Reprise
- It Don't Get Better Than This
The New Seasons- Demo 2
- Bring It On Back
- Today
- Skin and Bones
- That One with the Drumbeat
- An Afternoon's Reprise

Set List

For a 45 minute set-
Approaching the Seamonster's Lair
Keep the Score
That One with the Drumbeat
You Got Me
How Long Should I Wait?
Bring It On Back
Skin and Bones
Now You Know
You're Gone
Dance to the Lonely Beat
It Don't Get Better Than This