The New Souls

The New Souls


"Leaving normally docile hippies upside down since May 2005"


November 12, 2005: Boston,MA
A brotherhood of musicians, The New Souls, emerge from the East Coast to "wake the town and tell the people" and bring a new kind of soul to the music. Laying a cornerstone in reggae and dub, this band of serious players is unlike any other act in their generation. Considered by many as Boston's #1 Up and Coming Reggae group, The Souls rock harder, skank deeper, and funk unlike any group available.

This is only made possible by the kickinest band active in reggae. This tight crew provides a one-of-a-kind blend of influences and flavors into the roots and dub realm. Ian "Ice" Evans has always been highly regarded as a style master and keyboard dub controller. Matt Nolan seems to make the guitar sing with his dynamic performances. Jon Rappaport tastefully lays down the roots and riddims on the bass. Brent Sirois, on drum set, lays down the sick breaks from drum and bass to the furthest reaches of the planet. Cody Morrison completes the sound by playing Timbales and other disgustingly precise percussion parts.

The New Souls have been a wish-fullfilling jewel for their audiences since their first performance together at the First Annual White Mountains Unity Fest in May of 2005 when they openined up for Batch, Ras Attitude, and The Zioniers Band. Since that time, they have been blessed to play for audiences at very unique venues, and continue to evolve by incorporating a new energy and lots of "boom-shaka!" into every show.

As any audience would agree after seeing The Souls, "The words are very important." Vocalist Daniel Laurent, leader of NYC's Tjovi Ginen, resides as Judge Roughneck of the microphone with a voice to bring down Babylon in one instant. Award-winning singer Matt Nolan has been sent his highest visions through mystic revelation, and this has guided him to a place where only reggae legends will stand.

The lyricism of The New Souls is both relevant and moving. The powerful vocalists Matt Nolan and Daniel Laurent set a high standard for modern reggae through their fusion of forward thinking and experience. This is Spiritual Music going well beyond any established barriers in the modern music industry.

Our history as a people is getting more and more blurry in these days of war. So The New Souls have stocked their armory full of groove, and have left plenty of room for vibes and their tribe of fans to turn empty houses full and leave docile festival sites overturned.


The New Souls Radio Demo, and live recordings have been featured on public radio and college radio in the Northeast during marketing and promotions campaigns during the Summer and Fall of 2005.

Set List

This is a band that can go all night, bringing some seriously Tantric Dub. The band will play one-hour long sets, but can play one set for up to two and a half hours should the venue require it.

Tasty selections include, but are never limited to:
Arpeggio Dub
Cali Dub
Choose the East Side
Creation Dub
Crossing Jordan
Downtime Style
Drum and Bass Dub
Funk Congo
G.I. Joe
Hades for You
Long Road
Louisiana Congo
Owen's Dub/O.I.L.
Sea Minor
Sector Eight
Sweet Mary
True Soul Jah

On a more special occasion, The New Souls also do a range of rare sweet covers.