The New Spain

The New Spain


The New Spain: sounds like "Fugazi and Q and Not U play chess against Sonic Youth and Deerhoof inside a blender." Hope that helps... They've been called post rock, math rock, prog rock and *Prog Punk*


Not content to follow formulas or pre-conceived notions of acceptable behavior, these three fellows are reaching back just far enough to give you a point of reference, while keeping their collective eye on what lies ahead.

Their brand of aggression is aimed towards man's inhumanity to man (and the relative merits of the sport "curling") rather than being ham-fisted cretins only concerned with pulverizing the obvious.

While many others are satisfied placating the egos of fashion victims and pseudo-artists, these three are more concerned with challenging themselves as musicians.

The Old Spain is dead, and in it's place has risen a New Spain, proudly waving the flag of Prog-Punk for caballeros and senoritas alike.

There's an expression that talking about music is like dancing about architecture. With that in mind (and for those who still value a colorful literary description) our sound involves gritty discordant harmonies fit in between percussive stabs of distortion. Soaring vocal melodies and strained, staccatto shouts collide, overlap and harmonize on top of a minefield of complex polyrhythms and harmonic hiccups. Yessiree.

The members of The New Spain have played in handfulls of cool defunct bands, but none of these bands are famous enough to warrant a mention here. If we change our highly politicized stance on this matter, we will be sure to also include links to all the old girlfriends we once dated who are also not famous.


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Set List

Our set is typically 35-45 minutes long of louder, high-energy songs.
We typically keep it short, but we can make it longer if necessary...