The New Trust

The New Trust


Fast-moving indie all-star group (members of THE VELVET TEEN, BENTON FALLS and TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR) perform high-speed indie-rock with great passion and efficiency.


Eight songs in eighteen minutes. As a band, THE NEW TRUST move fast.

THE NEW TRUSTÂ’s first show was in May of 2003. By show number two, they had recorded and manufactured their appropriately titled debut, We Are Fast-Moving Motherfuckers, We Are Women And Men Of Action. Quick Northern California shows alongside the likes of No Knife, Engine Down, Minus The Bear, two West Coast tours and one full blown US tour (with The Jealous Sound) immediately followed. Then after some time off to focus on their other bands (THE VELVET TEEN, BENTON FALLS and TRANSISTOR TRANSISTOR), The New Trust have returned with the Slowdance Records re-release of their enthusiastic
debut EP; an exceptional collection of fast-paced indie rock songs that are both sincere and intelligent.


"We Are Fast-Moving..." EP (2004)
"The Singles Collection CD (2005)