The New Trust

The New Trust


Absolutely urgent and intelligent pop songs from members of The Velvet Teen, Benton Falls and more.


The New Trust as described by The New Trust.

"We are really bad at describing our sound, so if you could just listen, that would be great. I do know that our songs are shorter than average songs, but not faster. We are indie rock, really, independent rock music."

To elaborate, Josh plays bass for The Velvet Teen and sings for The New Trust.

His wife, Sara Sanger, is the world's greatest photographer by day, and The New Trust's guitarist by night.

Mike Richardson plays in a band called Benton Falls and is a guitar tech for Tom Waits, when he is not playing guitar in The New Trust.

When not driving the boys crazy and sometimes playing drums in Transistor/Transistor, Julia Lancer is the drummer for The New Trust.

It's not that hard.