The New Vain

The New Vain


The New Vain - something new - you bet! A new sound - of course - energetic show - guaranteed ! Green Day meets The Rolling Stones meets Nirvana with Beatles-like songwriting and harmonies.


This is The New Vain- The wild ride for this powerful rock trio began in late 2005 and the momentum has been building ever since. This
3-pc project brought together extraordinary talents that started out as strangers and has gelled into a group that sounds like they have played together for years. And it shows in their songwriting and high-energy live show.

You could compare The New Vain to Green Day, The Rolling Stones or Nirvana or maybe all three molded into one great band. Throw in the songwriting and harmonies of The Beatles and you might get close to the truth. Once you experience The New Vain live though you will see and hear something special like no other band before them.

What They Say-

“Simply put, The New Vain rocks! To just hear their music is not enough, you HAVE to see them live! The amount of energy and charisma they bring to the stage is unbelievable for any band - and then you find out they’re in their early 20’s. Check out their website, buy their CD, but if you do only 1 thing this year, make it a live New Vain show. I promise you won’t be disappointed – it’s impossible with this trio on stage.”
Darcy Haughian
The Corral Nightclub

Starting out, the band played the major rooms throughout Alberta until they felt ready to take on all comers. That stage was at the Urban Lounge and the event was the Kokanee Freeride Battle of the Bands. Emerging victorious among Edmonton’s premier rock bands, they next took to the stage at the Atha B in Jasper and wowed that crowd as well.

Eager to bring their music to the world, The New Vain spent the next 6 months at Edmonton’s Crystal Sound Studios to record their debut album. With more than 100 original songs to their credit, much of the time was spent trying to select the songs that would fill the 11 tracks.

While they waited for the engineering wizards to mix their studio recordings, the band returned to their first love, performing live shows. First they played the post-party for the Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, Mobile Arena Show Tour, winning a room full of new fans including some ‘special guests’ who dropped by after their show. This was followed by a memorable show opening for the Legendary Detroit Rockers The Romantics.

Finally in January 2007, their Debut Album REVOLUTION was finished and The New Vain plans to rock every room that will have them, and give every rock music lover something new to enjoy. But prepare yourself, because the music will be echoing in your head for days after you hear them.


Generation Now

Written By: addison/jazz/noland

Stuck in gas wars
No smoking in bars
They’re goose stepping down our streets

She’s skin and bones
On student loans
They’re goose stepping up our driveway

Generation now
Generation now
Generation now

The welfare answer
We’re dieing of cancer
They’re goose stepping on our bones

They hate the junkies
But make the druggies
They’re goose stepping on our brains

Generation now
Generation now
Generation now

Against the Ropes

Written By: addison/jazz/noland

I’m under so much strain
I’ve eaten all my brains
Forget about the pain we’re just playing a game

I’m starting to smell
I’ve been thrown down a well
So lower down a rope let me climb out of hell

Look son you’re to negative (I don’t understand)
Look son you’ve got to forgive (I don’t understand)
Cuz they’ve got my back against the ropes

I’m starting to get it
I’ll never be perfect
Playing Russian roulette this time let me forget

I’m trying to get some sleep
I’m exhausted I’m weak
Not trying to be a freak this is all tongue and cheek


-summer of '04 released first demo single
-summer of '05 release "Second Hand Smoke" Ep which sold out at 100 copies
-recently recorded a 3 song single
2007- Release of full-length, 11 track CD- Revolution

Set List

we have a rotating list of 150+ originals which are all 2-3 minute catchy and crowd orientated songs.
sets usually take about 45 minutes.