The New Weapon

The New Weapon


The New Weapon is as titled. An ear-splitting blessing of harmonizing hard-rock inspired guitar riffs and licks prompting the gravel melodies of lead vocals, backing angelic harmonies and a synced heartbeat. Reminding what music used to be, pushing for change, and forshadowing what is to come.


Calgary nights are cold; upon the eve of an eviction, even colder. Still, a pair of road warriors has options: a bassist’s mom’s couch, an ex-girlfriend’s best friend’s suite, or a 1989 Chevy Van dubbed “The Oceanman.” The choice is clear, and what better for guitarist Travis Rennebohm and vocalist Blake Berglund than a home away from home?

The means of shelter changed drastically yet diet stayed similar. Borrowed 7-11 Jerky still tasted better than paid-for, and Bow Valley beer tasted relatively fresh – considering its price of five dollars for six beverages. What could be better? Bless the release of Bow Valley Strong 7%, an extra percentage of alcohol for a measly fifty cents per case. Upon first consumption a young drummer winced and muttered “This is The New Weapon.”

Childhood friends Blake Berglund and Tyson and Derek Bachert placed nationally in the top ten of The Molson Canadian Rock Search and shared the stage with heavyweight acts such as Theory of a Deadman and Emerson Drive. Later, circumstances separated the threesome, but no circumstances could keep the special forces of rock from reuniting with twice as much talent as before.

Blake Berglund as vocalist, Travis Rennebohm as lead guitarist, Tyson Bachert as rhythm guitarist, Derek Bachert as drummer and the freshly found musical guru Dan Rose as bassist, formed in perfect chemistry. Upon first rehearsal the words were muttered, “This is The New Weapon.”

Within their young ten month history and collective forty years experience The New Weapon has showcased original material along side Days of the New, Faber Drive, Skye Sweetnam, Social Code, Tupelo Honey, Idle Sons, Trooper, among many others generating a total sale of 2500 copies of their debut e.p. With their unique sound and novel writing style, the members have created music for the recording and performance of established and upcoming Canadian artists, broadening their abilities and cornering their market. With ruthless guerilla promotional tactics, The New Weapon will soon become a household name. Attitude and heart drive the band while their impeccable friendship binds them together.

2008 calls for attainable goals backed with a national tour, continuous recording, and incessant writing.

Upon first hearing, the words will be proclaimed: “This is The New Weapon.”

“We aren’t cold, we aren’t wet, we aren’t hungry, classify these as good times”


Foreign Ground

Written By: Blake Berglund

Easy come these times of premonition
I've waited since they called me in a dream
Floating lights decending from the heavens
Horizon lines are closing in and set on taking me

Ya the last man lifted left in silence
and slipped into a place of subtle testament and shame
Held into headlines by his absence
The science couldn't save him in a time when chaos came

Lay, lay me down
on foreign ground, I've counted on this night
And it took, it took 'till now, I've waited so sound
My whole entire life

High above I'm high enough for testing
I've been resting all sedated in a state of ecstacy
Lost in the thought of my existence and found a final resting spot for all my fantasies


Before I heard a sound
I was found

Lay, Lay me down on foreign ground
I've counted on this night to touch the sky for reasons why,
Red lightening came ablaze from a metal cloud and final allowed purpose in my life.


Written By: Blake Berglund

Improbable yet possible
I've got honey running through my veins
and I've got honey sticking to my night
A sweet chance on your senseless shame

Original lie, original sin, original oath I swear I'll never do it again,
I've probably broken it this time even though it feels so right in your eyes

Tomorrow is going to be our last tomorrow
We're never going to have a forever and that's what leads us to tonight

Honey, you know that there's a distance
You keep me from building resistance Let your sugar take me down

Easy come, easy to show, easy enough we're gonna have to let this go
Let it settle on the downside even though it feels so right in your eyes


I'm getting so guilty inside it burns
A conscience to sticky inside it hurts
Not a single second inside was worth
the slow end to start again
Honey, I swear I'll never do it again
I swear I'll never do it again
I swear from this point it's the end
A full blame on a headgame
Honey, Honey

Don't Leave Me Here

Written By: Blake Berglund

Positions locked and all guards are down, I counted you in for life
Blame it on a trusting heart but I never would have seen tonight
Hand in hand the sands of time gave five trips around the sun
Now holding on to these six strings keep me from hanging off the end of one

Don't leave me here/

Try and take me anywhere you go

Tattered and torn, beaten up and bruised, I'm bleeding from an open wound
I'd beg if I saw a chance or arms I could fall into
As prepared as I never was I'm as alone as I've ever been
I'm building walls around my heart to keep me from letting any others in

Don't leave me here/


Written By: Blake Berglund

Look me in the eye and tell me how fun this is
I'm weak and baby I'm afraid of change
The elements are tainted through your affection babe
And that dark red lipstick's the only factor to blame

Oh as low as I've ever gotten
I'll be a silent as I can be
A million time over
I've built my very own coffin
But even sometimes the dead have to scream

Oh now I'm feeling comfort in this resolve
The sunlight let's me hide my shame
The closer and closer and closer we get to your answer babe
The farther and farther and farther we get from my name


Dawn is starting to show your true colours babe
Dawn is starting to show your true colours babe
Dawn is starting to show your true colours babe
I want to cross this line of reason but we can't cross the line this way

(Chorus x2)

Random Hero

Written By: Blake Berglund

We're at the point where every angel's taking cover
As a last resort I'm all a soul's got left
Keep a faith in finding comfort
I've come to save the living from the dead.

I'll be guided by the cherub chants, the holy rants, in all attempts to take strength over all I find
They're the only ones that ever make me feel alive

It's like night time is my time

I'll take my chance at being bitten by the depths of hell
A random hero at the helm fighting on the side of the ones that fell

No turning back in full attack, tainted black, a lack of life and the care they had
It's a dead end for the walking unless you follow in my name
What demon mind would go against me
If I'm the chosen one to lead this dark crusade

It's like night time is my time

I'll take my chance at being bitten by the depths of hell
A random hero at the helm fighting on the side of the ones that fell
A solo stance and protector in a fit of rage
with the world begging save me, save me, save me

It's high time they say they've had enough
A white flag, give in to the above
I've come at your distress
Turning to me is all that you've got left



The New Weapon Demos - January 2007
Includes: "Dawn," "Hope I Die (Before I Get Old)," "Honey," and an acoustic rendition of "Kinda Had a Feeling"

January 2008: 3 separate demo tracks: "Random Hero," "Don't Leave me Here," and "Foreign Ground"

Set List

Original sets up to two hours of performing time.
Material from personal catalogue


Foreign Ground
Don't Leave Me Here
Be Here Forever
Kinda Had a Feeling
Hope I Die (Before I Get Old)
The Breakdown
Random Hero
Slither (Velvet Revolver Cover)