The Nextdoor Neighbors

The Nextdoor Neighbors


Haunting, groovy, first you think, then you dance, it sounds like Joan Baez meets hip-hop. We call it electro-folk-hop and we were all born to do it.


check us out in the stranger, the seattle times or the p.i., or online at the stranger or p.i. blogs.
also check out the documentary of us on CW11 underground 's website

Kathy's 21 in and Jessie's about to hit 20. We formed about a year ago in Kathy's closet under the stairs. Back then we just played acoustic guitar, but now we focus on synths and beats and unexpected instrumental accents. We have been influenced by everything from what our grandparents listened to to what people are creating today, but we are definitely products of the 80's and our sound reflects it. Our lyrics and vocals are a bit harder to describe.


"These Songs Wrote Themselves" 2008 DEMO/EP

Our song "Cultural Revolution" is on KEXP 90.3 fm

Going to be recording with Bicycle Records ( in June and doing a west coast tour with our first album at the end of August.

Set List

We try to switch up our set, but it usually consists of 8-12 songs and lasts for around 40 minutes to an hour.

We don't do covers yet.