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"The Next Of Kin"

The Next of Kin "Just Yesterday"
Nov 05,2006 00:00 by Alligator
The Next of Kin's last cd "No More Broken Hearts" was a nice cd. It was a well polished, slickly performed cd that presented the band as a modern Alabama. The singer sounded distinctly like Randy Owen. It was a comfortable release but unfortunately did not leave anything behind that was ultimately memorable. Well, that's changed. The Next of Kin is back with a whole new disc of songs that definitely stick in your mind. They've upped the ante and apparently entered the studios with a sense of urgency. And yes, the difference is easy to hear. The result is the cd "Just Yesterday".
The cd which is slated for release at the end of November 2006 has a harder edge and a slightly more southern rock feel to it. "Zip Code" is a forceful, emotional blues rocker. A little anger and a lot of frustration. It nails you right between the eyes. The listener is impacted by the singer's pain and anger. Some grade A southern blues rock.
"As Far As Your Memory Goes" strikes me as a hit single. My money's on this strong up tempo number to crack the charts. A very contemporary song that'll find a home on modern country radio's play list. The melody stays in your head for a while.
"No Way Around It" has a 90's country sound. It kind of reminds me of Little Texas or Restless Heart. This could very well be another radio cut off of the cd. Very radio friendly.
The Next of Kin covers all of the bases and believe me, no filler here. "Goodbye Nashville" is a very well written song that talks about the horrors that wait writers in Music City. You can feel the frustration as the character waits to board the plane to fly back home in defeat. The line "The only good in Nashville is goodbye" effectively conveys the pain of broken dreams. "Phoenix, Arizona" could be the same character years later as he is proud of his daughter's success with his old guitar but he misses her. While he is happy she is doing well, you could tell that there is a part of him that wishes she was with him in Tennessee instead of a success in Phoenix.
Everyone that listens will have a different favorite song. Many will like "Secrets." It has a slight Eagle's Hotel California era to it. A tough little rocker in the vein of "Victim of Love" with harmonies and a chorus that give it the slight Eagles' aura.
But the party song of 2007 that will be sending bar patrons scurrying to the dance floor is "Nobody's Ugly." Yep. Nobody's ugly after 2 am. And hey, that's not sexist, it goes both ways. I've been told myself a time or two that I don't look so bad after 2am. The ol' Gator just loves this Texas flavored boot scooter. It'll definitely get your toes pointed to the dance floor.
Plenty here for radio to pick up on. No filler. The cd will sound as good flowing straight through in your car as the single will cranking on the radio. No need to use your 'skip button' finger on this cd. This cd gets the Alligator Jackson 2 claws up must hear rating. You'll like this one. I bet my gator tail on that.

- Alligator


First CD: "No More Broken Hearts"
Hit Single "Just Yesterday" in the top 10 on Indie 104 FM (Los Angeles, Ca)
Streaming music at:
Radio airplay: XM Radio's Unsigned Channel, 103 FM Memphis, Tn - WJTH 900 AM Calhoun, Ga - Indie 104 FM Los Angeles, Ca - Big Country 102.7 FM Fresno, Ca - - - - KASA 101 That's Country - The Country Edge
Video airplay: PAX Television, Cable 19 (Middle TN)


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Next Of Kin is a band you must see. They hit the stage with such style and intensity that they make you feel like one of their friends.

They blend their Southern Rock roots with their "New Country" to create a style of music enjoyed by everyone that hears them.

Ed White formed The Next Of Kin in 1980 as a Southern/Classic rock band performing throughout Texas, Arkansas and Mississippi. Rob Massey joined the band as the bass player in 1984. They soon built a chemistry between them that you can feel when they perform together on stage.

In 1992 Ed moved to Nashville to pursue a solo artist career. He became a songwriter and demo singer with other well known artists in Nashville.

In 2000 the band reformed again and with Rob living in Atlanta, they began playing a circuit between Nashville and Atlanta. In 2006 the band recruited Darryl Meadows on drums and Ed Fogg on saxophone, keyboard, backup vocals, and synthesizer. They perform throughout the southeast playing clubs, events and private parties in Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and North Carolina. They have even performed in front of Gov. Sonny Purdue of Georgia.

The Next Of Kin are still playing Southern/Classic rock tunes, as well as Country songs from their current C.D. "No More Broken Hearts". The songs are written so powerfully and from the heart that you can feel their meaning in such songs as "Heart Of An Honest Man" (a motto that the band lives by), "Little Love Factory", "1935" as well as "The Hostage". They are currently finishing up their new C.D. "Just Yesterday and Today" due for release in late December 2006. With powerful reviews and great attention brought to the single "Just Yesterday" which went #1 on Indie 104.7 FM in Los Angeles California earlier this year. It has been featured on The Radio LIA show with a whopping 76.5% approval from her nation wide audience.

The new C.D. Just Yesterday and Today promises to be an even bigger hit than their first C.D. with the same attention to detail and determination, the band keeps their music close to the heart as you will soon hear in songs such as "As Far As Your Memory Goes" written by their good friend Casey Beathard, "No Way Around It", "Phoenix Arizona" and "Goodbye Nashville". And the those southern rock roots really come out in the song "Nobody�s Ugly after 2am". These are just a few of the powerful songs you will find on their new album that is sure to make the country stand up and take notice to this very talented band from the south. Is this band the next coming of The Marshall Tucker band? You decide.

So sit back take a listen and you�ll soon see why The Next Of Kin�s performance creates an atmosphere that all audiences love to sing along with and dance to.