The Next of Kin

The Next of Kin


Original music of the folk traditional, an articulate view of family and earth, fundamental and valuable things. Honest and straight forward melody, harmony and acoustic instrumentation.


Allen and Leonie Hunt have been writing songs and singing them together since the streams of their lives flowed together. The songs are a heartfelt expression of what they have found most valuable and memorable in life, which for Allen, began in the high deserts of southwestern Utah, and for Leonie, within the sound and smell of the South Pacific on the north shore of Sydney Australia. In their time together, they have lived in Utah, Nevada, North Dakota, Colorado, Seattle Washington and Big Island Hawaii. They have traveled together in the British Isles, the Middle East and the South Pacific and back and forth, north and south, east and west across America. The experiences of their lives, the moving about, the discovery of kindred faces and places, giving birth to and losing and rearing children and the constant bedrock of the commitment they share has brought depth and breadth to the music of their souls.


American Dream (There's a Cabin)

Written By: Allen & Leonie Hunt

There’s a Cabin (American Dream)
There’s a cabin in the wildwood
Down the road somewhere it seems
Where my grownup world and childhood
Come together in my dreams
There the past will meet the future
Golden days upon the land
Misty mornings and an evening song
The touch of my love’s loving hand

There’s a cabin in the wildwood
Sheltered by the ageless trees
Peaceful in a world of trouble
Sweetened by each passing breeze
There the past will meet the future
Someone looks a lot like me
Through his eyes my sense of wonder lives
And oh how clearly I can see

© Allen & Leonie Hunt 1982

Captive Son

Written By: Allen & Leonie Hunt

Captive son of a windy spring
Stirred by the memories of home
Drawn like a bird to its nesting ground
Churning your soul all around
Tumbled like furrows in loam

Barefoot boy on a summer day
Run through the meadows of green
Wide open sky up above your head
Gone where your free spirit led
One with the sound and the scene

Cling to the warmth of your mother's breast
Once fore you wander away
Ride on the winds as you be a man
Hide from her arms til you can
Rest at the end of your day

© Allen & Leonie Hunt 1977

Skies I Haven't Flown

Written By: Leonie Hunt

Skies I Haven't Flown
All my dreams are mellow in the morning
A whisper of the longing I have known
Shadowy, a ghost of things, a part of all I am
Believing in myself are skies I haven't flown

All my songs unwritten still within me
Promises of moments yet to be
Silently, inside of me the light that gives me light
Has shown within myself are depths I've yet to see

But the journey's just beginning
And tomorrow isn't sown
Will I follow someone else's dream
Or learn to live my own

All my days are born again at sunrise
And being is enough to make it shine
Reaching out for learning, reaching in for what is true
I find I love my life enough to make it mine.

© Allen and Leonie Hunt 1976


National single release: Mountain Air - Enjoyed extensive airplay. Three compositions Proud Earth LP - Grammy Nomination.
CD releases: Skies I Haven't Flown; Letters From Home.

Set List

Current Concert: American Dream; 1.Samuel Built a Cabin 2. Drummers and Dreamers 3. Another Whole World Underneath the Sea 4. Kohala Is Music 5. Tropical Colors 6. Wilderness Song 7. The Road that leads to Home 8. Home is Where the Heart Is 9. Saying the Words I Can't Find 10. American Dream 11. The Price of Liberty 12. If Only 13. Sand on the Window Sill 14. A Song to Sing
Concerts on various themes. Adjustable sets. Cover songs of David Mallett, John MuCutcheon, John Denver, other folk songs.