The Niall McCabe Band

The Niall McCabe Band


Playing fresh, thoughtful and soulful rock and pop, the Niall McCabe Band have found an international sound while still being grounded in their origins on a small Island off the west coast of Ireland.


The story begins on an island. Born and raised on Ireland's west coast, on the small Atlantic outpost of Clare Island, Niall McCabe grew up surrounded by music. Immersed in the traditional style of his accordion-playing grandmother and ballad-singing uncle, it was always clear that his fate would be a musical one. Unknown, however, was the precise direction his creative path would take.

Niall's gigging career saw him absorb and incorporate everything from funk and jazz to traditional roots ballads and classic soul into his repertoire.

On the lively Cork music scene he met with current band mates Davey Ryan, Hugh Dylan and David Duffy. Each of these exceptional players embody the soulful musicality that quickly evolved into the Band's signature sound. The final line-up emerged through various ensembles playing local theatres and venues in Cork, with the rhythm section becoming very much in demand for many of the city’s singers and musicians.

Having finally settled in line-up and direction in September 2011, the Band has developed a layered blend of Folk & Soul, built on a solid foundation of rock and roll instincts. In February 2012 they recorded their debut album with Grammy Award winning producer Ciaran Byrne (Van Morrison, Paul Brady, U2) and added the renowned organ and keyboard playing of Justin Carroll to the musical mix.

As for the content of the songs, the island provided the answer... The concept of an island - an isolated laboratory where every human vice and virtue simmers and fizzles in perpetuity - has informed the emotional spectrum of Niall's songwriting since he first began to find his own writing voice. As his lyricism grew bolder, more confident and more precise, he had merely to dip his finger into this human cauldron to incorporate a wealth of universal themes - doomed love, sexual longing, enduring friendship, the sometimes fragile yet always enduring bonds of family, the search for spirituality - into the band's widening body of work.

The Niall McCabe Band is ready to take its compelling mix of new sounds and old themes on the road.