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"Guitar Idol 2009 News Interview"

The link:

It's the world's largest talent search competition for gifted guitar players ... and now, Nicholas Scott is in the FINALS to become the next "Guitar Hero"!

Out of about 6,000 entries, the talent has now been voted down to just 120 finalists around the world. Nicholas is one of the SIX finalists here in the United States - but he needs YOUR vote to win. The voting ends tomorrow, May 5th - so vote today! Click on the above video to see Nicholas in action. Here are the links to vote:


"Guitarist Nicholas Scott of Egelston Township tuned in on stardom"

MUSKEGON COUNTY -- Since the day he picked up his first electric guitar at age 13, Nicholas Scott has wanted to become like his idol -- guitar slinger Steve Vai.

Scott, now 19, has the chance to become an "idol" himself.
Courtesy photoNicholas Scott of Egelston Township will compete in an international contest dubbed "Guitar Idol."

The Egelston Township resident is competing in an international contest dubbed "Guitar Idol." The winner will receive a recording contract and perform at this year's London International Music Show.

"Music has been my goal since I was in seventh grade," said Scott, who displayed his guitar prowess during the 2008 Muskegon Showcase event. His group garnered first place in the event's performing arts category.

Contestants in the Guitar Idol competition post a video of a performance on the contest's Web site -- Viewers can vote for their favorite performers at the Web site and determine who proceeds to the second round.

There are three "groupings" of first-round contestants. The top 20 in each group proceed to the next round. Scott is currently ranked in the top 10 in his group.

In the second round, further voting will pare the list of 60 contestants down to 16 finalists, who will be flown to London where they will perform before a panel of judges that includes Scott's idol, Vai.

These are heady times for the 2008 Oakridge High School graduate. He's already been accepted by seven music colleges, and has narrowed that list to the prestigious Berklee College of Music in Boston and the Musicians Institute, in Hollywood, Calif. Scott was also featured in the March issue of "Guitar Player" magazine, and several record labels have expressed interest in signing him.

• Listen to "Chiaroscuro."

• The Nicholas Scott Band on MySpace.

• The Guitar Idol page where you can view Scott's video and vote for him.

The recognition really heated up after he took first place at Muskegon's Showcase 2008.

"Last year was a blast," said Scott, who competed in Showcase for three years. "I really owe Showcase -- they taught me a lot."

Music has always been a part of his life, Scott said. His interest in playing guitar came later.

"I was inspired by music. If I wasn't listening to music, I'd be outside listening to birds and the trees.

"Just hearing the sounds they made gave me a feeling in my stomach," Scott said. "It gave me a feeling that there was something bigger out there."

His father played bass guitar. His mother the flute. One of his uncles played in his own band many years ago. His late grandfather was a musician and a cousin to music legend Del Shannon.

Scott currently heads a five-piece band -- "The Nicholas Scott Band."

"The band has been together one year," Scott said. "My ultimate goal is to become successful with my music and then come back and create a music school or institute in downtown Muskegon.

"There's so much potential here. But there's nowhere for them to utilize their talent."

- Muskegon Chronicle

"Featured Artist: Nicholas Scott"

Each week at, we love helping to expose new guitar talent to the guitar community, and man is there a lot of it to be exposed! This week we have a young axe-slinger from Muskegon, Michigan to show you guys.
This young guitar wizard goes by the name Nicholas Scott, and holy shit can he shred! He is 1 of 20 guitarists WORLDWIDE to be accepted into the renowned Berklee College of Music in 2008, and aspires to take his guitar playing and music to the professional level. (It pretty much is already!)

Check out his song Crazyhead, which was featured in the March issue of Guitar Player Magazine:


" I believe that the most important thing about muisic is to be completely innovative. There are, in my mind, no rules to music which makes it completely open to a man to either slaughter a song, or to make it a masterpiece; and I’m trying my very hardest to make it a masterpiece. Now, with great musicians by my side, I can;and I can have a good time doing it. I’m not saying that there aren’t influences on me, because there are, I’m saying that it’s important to reach the depths of your soul and discover the enigmas of your mind in order to make a beautiful, ingenious creation."(Says Nicholas)

Something I found impressive about Nicholas was that when asked about his influences, the first thing that popped up into his mind was not a list of guitar shredders, but instead observations of human behavior and nature.

His song Chiaroscuro sounds like the love-making of a tyrannosaurus rex and a woolly mammoth. It’s some pretty wild stuff filled with lots of unique playing:


But of course, he give kudos to the following: Steve Vai, Guthrie Govan, Jason Becker, Shane Gibson (Mr. Stork), Meshuggah, Genesis, Yes, Led Zeppelin (of course), Pat Metheny, and Alan Holdsworth.

" Music is what keeps me going. The thing that strikes me the most is how life patterns and events somehow match up with music almost perfectly. Also, the fact that music can cause any known (and sometimes unknown) emotion is something that deserves awe. Music is something that is intangible yet you can express everything you know through it."(Says Nicholas)

Be sure to check out more of his music and show him some love at his myspace: -

"A List of Notable Quotes"

Meshuggah: "Your music is superb! Excellent work."

Jason Becker: "Hey brother,You are really good, man. I am totally impressed. Just keep practicing and developing your songwriting skills. You are already cooler than most!"

Guthrie Govan: You are one exceptional guitarist! Good to see some more talent out there my friend.

Mike Varney (CEO of Shrapnel Records): You sound GREAT! Love to have you on board!

BULB (Periphery):"Craziness, my head hurts and I'm quitting guitar!"

Pop Evil: Dude, seriously f$king amazing!!

Attack! Attack!: Nick's the best guitarist around.

A Hero a Fake:John Petrucci?! Hell no, Nicholas Scott!

Jon Finn (Berklee Professor): "Awesome Stuff man. See you at Berklee"

Dave Weiner (Guitarist for Steve Vai/Solo Musician): "Cool stuff Nick!"

Shane Gibson (Guitarist for Korn/Solo Musician): "Nicholas is AMAZING at guitar.You've Got Chops dude! Keep it up. I really like your songs!"

Jake Willson (Guitarist /Genius Musician): "Nick's got great talent, technique and flare... but with maturity to boot!"


We are almost done with our first album! We have airplay all around Michigan and some in Chicago currently.



The Nick Scott Band strives to be the most innovative, fun, and passionate band there is today. With a blend of shredding guitar, heavy back beats, odd time signatures, rock, and subtle intricacies, it is hard to categorize The Nick Scott Band into a specific genre. They are here to meet everybody's love for music.

Coming from the small city of Muskegon, Michigan, it's no doubt that these boys have worked hard to get their name out there.

They've played with bands such as Meshuggah, Cynic, The Faceless, Lez Zeppelin, Showbread, Arsonists Get All The Girls, Lez Zeppelin, La Dispute, and If He Dies He Dies, to name some.

The Nick Scott Band is much different than any other band you've ever heard, because they value their gifts of musicianship higher than anybody. They all have such a passion for their instruments, and honestly, they all kick ass on them!