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"Nick Vivid - Dollster of the Month"

"The title 'face of 1977' has gotta be Mr Nick Vivid. Nick is 27 and stylish well beyond his years. Did Kiss write 'Strutter' with him in mind you ask? Well, I'd swear to it if only for the fact that Nick Vivid is not old enough ;) His look is reminiscent of the best parts of T Rex era Bolan combined with Ziggy era Bowie by way of one of Johnny Thunder's lover's accessory draws circa 1979. All good and all totally on fire! With one platformed leg clearly in the glam rock terrain of the early seventies and the other conversed leg staunchly inside the US punk rock subway train Nick Vivid flaunts the best of both worlds visually and musically. Nick Vivid is one of the two rock hearts beating out the sound for The Nick Vivid Effect, a two piece 70's style punk n roll band that claims it 'can do more with two people than most bands can do with four'. High flying claims you might think but just you listen to the tracks. The recordings sound simple yet fulfilling, energetic and not lacking for other musicians at all. There are catchy and repetitive refrains and even operetta style choruses so wear your best big hair to this gig cos you'll need to shake it good sister! Residing in what non-New Yorkers describe as the Big Apple Nick has this to say about the current indie music scene there right now: "I've always dreamed to be in the center of a music, art, and culture scene, but I wish to God it hadn't been this one". We sympathize with you to the max Nick! You would be much more at home in 1977 than most of the original musicians from that time! PS make the Mega platinum Fist with BOTH hands ladies and you just might turn this one's head...and no, I'm not gonna tell you what that the gear here glycerine queens: and " - The Official Doll Squad

" Review"

Reaching deep into the pockets of the post-glam 70's comes a power chord duo that makes more noise than most bands of four members can muster. Nick Vivid leads the way with his full throttle crunch-throb guitar and dizzying vocals. Shane Kerton pounds hard, frequently, and with precision on his massive Fibes drum kit - outfitted with a twenty-eight inch marching band kick-drum. This mix of minimalist rock and punk, served up at full volume, is a sonic buffet for the ears.

"I wasn't planning on doing a 2 piece," Says Nick Vivid, "..but while jamming with a friend uptown one night in early December and plugging into 2 amps, I felt such a full sound happening and felt so inspired to riff out all over the place with fresh ideas and complete freedom, that I knew it was the new direction to go in."

Grab your Zune and head over to MegaPlatinum Entertainment [Nick's own label] and grab a copy of The Nick Vivid Effect's first digital release "Baby Better Look Out" which features 3 masterful tunes: Baby Better Look Out; And Now, The Moment We've All Been Waiting For...; Go Get 'Em, Kid! Your ears and your friends will thank you for turning them on! -

"Review from Amp Magazine"

by Sal Canzonieri

WOW! I am almost totally speechless! A real motherfucker of a debut! THIS IS AMAZING Alice Cooper Mott the Hoople style GIGANTIC RIFF Glam ROCK! This band is way TOO GOOD for shithole NYC! Man, RUN to get a chance to see this TWO piece band blow everyone off the stage! Featuring the ever talented Nick Vivid on guitar and vocals, who along with drummer Shane Kerton were in the also amazing Drag Citizen. This is so super amazing, purely emotional, hard felt, real, FUCKING ENJOYABLE and FUN TO LISTEN TO, jaw dropping song writing that most bands will pale in comparison to! I listened to this 3 song demo like 10 times in a row and it still sounds great. If Bush didn't cheat to be president and set the world off kilter fucking everything up so much that even the frigging Boston Red Socks won the world series against the NY Yankees, then the Nick Vivid Effect (or their previous Drag Citizen band) would be RADIO GODS! Fuck what is wrong with the world? Can't we just storm the radio stations and the rest of the crooked music biz and just kills those bottleneck control freak assholes once and for all so that everyone can hear PURE TALENT again on the radio! GOD DAMN! This band is SO GOOD that I get this MAD at the injustice of it all! If you every trusted me about REAL ROCK & ROCK then listen to THE NICK VIVID EFFECT ! - Amp Magazine


Baby Better Look Out - Single - Released March 27, 2007



The theme is a celebration of superficially small, seemingly inconsequential victories with all of the vigor, sweat, passion, and lust of one where the hero has just achieved world peace. The setting is post glam 1977, 'cause why the hell not? And the power chords and throbbing beats courtesy of a modern day guitar slinging batman and his stick weilding sidekick robin. The label is MegaPlatinum. The band is the Nick Vivid Effect.