The Nicky Tams

The Nicky Tams


The Nicky Tams are a young, energetic Celtic band who add a contemporary touch to traditional music. With fiddle, Scottish smallpipes, cello, flute, guitar and the voices of all four members, this group from Edmonton has created a sound like nothing else.


nicky tams ['nIki t-a-ms] n. strings or leather straps with buckles once used by Scottish farmers to keep their trousers out of the mud, so their pants were clean for night-time dancing to The Nicky Tams ['nIki t-a-ms] n. A four piece Celtic band of young, lively Edmonton musicians. Blending the sounds of cello, fiddle, guitar, flute and the Scottish Smallpipes, as well distinct vocal styles from all four members, The Nicky Tams sound is striking and instantly recognizable.

This group uses their unique mix of Celtic, jazz and classical training to create music that is firmly grounded in the Scottish tradition and also explores modern musical forms, allowing for harmonic and rhythmic freedom. Each of the group members contributes artistically, writing original compositions, original songs, and new arrangements of traditional music. All of the Nicky Tams are fluent improvisers, taking improvised solos at live performances and recording sessions.

The Nicky Tams are a band whose youthful passion inevitably spills over to audiences of all kinds. Whether they’re on the Main stage at North Country Fair or they’re starting a toddler dance party at Edmonton's Old Strathcona Farmers Market they are not a band to miss.

Set List

A typical 45 minute set would include a mix of original compositons, traditional music and covers. Usually the music would be 75% instrumental and 25% vocal

An Example of a typical set is as follows

The Anvil
Hieland Harry
The Devils in the Kitchen Set
The High Drive
Macphersons Rant
Lexy's Set
The Kings Reel
The E Minor Jigs


The Nicky Tams know many traditional tunes so if there's something you'd like to hear don't be shy to ask


The Nicky Tams can also play for Scottish Country Dancing and teach beginner dance lessons lessons.