The Nightgowns

The Nightgowns

 Tacoma, Washington, USA

The Nightgowns are a four-piece electronic indie rock and dance band based out of Tacoma, WA. Their primary strengths are classic songwriting, a fun and engaging live show, and raw sex appeal.


The Nightgowns are a 4-piece pop group from Tacoma, WA, originally founded in 2005 as "The Elephants" by Trevor Dickson, Cody Jones, and Jason Freet. Infamous for their unpredictable and engaging live shows; their antics and memorable songs quickly made their hometown performances packed events, and won them a loyal following in Seattle and throughout the rest of the NW as well. With the departure of Freet in '06 the remaining members added drummer BJ Robertson and multi-instrumentalist Kyle Brunette and continued to perform, write, and record new material. Eventually the sound and songs evolved to the point of necessitating a name change, and The Nightgowns were officially born. Their debut album 'Sing Something' was released in May '09. The sound represented a shift from their previous formula which saw different songwriters in the group tampering with styles from airy synth pop to raw 60’s rock, now coming together in bigger bolder “2 and 3 chord contemplative drones- fleshed out into lyrical pop gems..”
Upon it's release 'Sing Something' raised a stir throughout the music blog community, became a dj favorite at Seattle's 90.3 KEXP, and went on to receive considerable airplay at college and internet radio stations across the country and in europe. A west coast tour served to further increase their fanbase and exposure, winning them favorable press in local papers along the way. The Nightgowns have performed with the likes of Frank Black, Figurines, The Divorce, White Rabbits, Asobi Seksu, and many others.
The Nightgowns are currently hard at work on an EP slated for release in winter 2010/2011


Sing Something (2009)