the Nightlife

the Nightlife


Live the nightlife, love the nightlife! Our variety of dance-able rock starts strong like King Kong and finishes clean, if you know what I mean. We know you like to party. We can help! Just put your hands in the air and let the kick drum rock you into tomorrow!


Live the nightlife, love the nightlife! We do, and you should too! We have a unique take on popular music that appeals to an audience as broad as our musical influences. There's always extra sauce and we never use additives. The Nightlife only uses 100% natural ROCK! Four minds meld around one goal: to give you happy feet! Brandon and Jarrod have been writing songs together for almost three years. An angel named Al drew them together so that a fresh, unheard harmony could reign supreme and slay the nasty. Ryan has been with the band for over a year, constantly puttin' the bass all up in yo' face. I mean, who could live without that?! Barrett is the newest addition. He is a rare breed of ninja who can only be summoned by a blessed trifecta singing Take My Hand. We have spent the past year engrossed by writing and recording the new record. We do all the recording ourselves. 2009 holds a lot in store for The Nightlife. We are currently booking regional shows for February through May, and will tour full time nationally through the rest of the year. Come see us and get a band shirt. They're really cool!


Take My Hand

Written By: The Nightlife

Take my hand
We’re going to a place that you’ve never been
Trip solid, have us a ball
We’re not leaving ‘till you’ve seen it all

Take my hand
We’re going to a place that you’ve never been
Top down feel the breeze
This place will make you never want to leave

On a trip with my girl in my hands
Headed west for the coast as fast as we can
We’re goin’ away
We’re leavin’ today
And we’re never coming back
The stereo’s playin’ and

She’s holding on to the music and the good vibes
We sing along, steady soakin’ up the sunshine
I’ll never let go again

Push me, pull me
Rock and roll me tonight
Heat me, cool me
Rough and fool me tonight

Dark Heart

Written By: The Nightlife

The girl's got no heart
She makes is easy to believe
That when I'm doing somethin' right
It just makes her want to leave

The girl's got no heart
She ain't capable of love
She'll make me drink until the bottle's dry
Just to leave me in the dust
The girl's got no heart

'Round and round we go
She's not the type to let her feelings show
After all, it's just a part of this invisible game that I will not play
So I must believe
That she likes to see me suffer from her tougher type of love that offers nothin' but the lust
I mustn't trust the fact that somethin' else could bust my luck with tryin' because

The girl's got no heart

You put her up on a pedestal
She's like a jewel
She'll tell you that it's cool
She loves you too
That's what they do
You can chase for months and years until you know
She ain't the one for you and you should let her go
On the web cam, mini pics and examples
From MySpace to your place, signals gettin' scrambled
Now, I can ramble but it won't do any good
You make script changes like an actress in Hollywood
They told me that Holly's good
Got curves by the handful
Entices the senses and leaves you with a sample
Now you was really ample, I'm happily feelin' it
I wanted a commitment but she wasn't ready yet
Through the lies and deceit I move like a marionette
A puppet on a string that you clown and disrespect
No more silent whispers
No more neglect
I'm only playin' this part cause I know

The girl's got no heart

Thanked You Twice

Written By: The Nightlife

Hard times lately
You make the most
You’ve just been shady
Or I’m too close

Heard a lot about the things I said
And I was wrong
You had guessed the best for us was done
Now moving on

In the time it takes to let it settle
I realized that things are gonna change
Three times, but I said thanks twice

It lasted just a while but long enough to make exceptions
I’m trying not to lose my mind but baby you’re perfection
Opened up and beaten down
I thought you used to please me
That’s the way your feelings work
When something isn’t easy

Holding out
There ain’t no thanks this time
And I don’t know where I’ll be going but I’m saying goodbye

Train Rec

Written By: The Nightlife

We’re running off the tracks
And headed down the road to nowhere
I had to break away, I’m getting off this train
And I don’t care

Wait, you’re coming on too strong
You don’t know anything about me so leave me alone
Girl, I don’t know what we’re called
So lets just leave it at a distance and be nothing at all

If you’re wondering
Why I keep turning away
I just can’t settle down
But maybe someday
If you’re wondering
There are things I can’t explain
I put it on a shelf
But maybe someday

I can’t help the way you’re feeling
You couldn’t make it past that night
I tried to catch the fever
But the sickness wasn’t right

Here we stand
There’s no reason for us happening now
You’ll pretend its there
Cause I won’t come around
And you just can’t live with that


Our most recent release is a self-titled EP. "Take My Hand" is the single. It is being played on 94.7 The Buzz in Oklahoma City and 104.5 The Edge in Tulsa. The second track on the album is "Dark Heart," a straight forward pop tune that features up-and-coming Oklahoma rapper, CRage. The rest of the tracks are "Train Rec," "Thanked You Twice." and "Mirage."

Set List

Our set is about 45 minutes long and includes:

The Catch
Perfect Body
Train Rec
Dark Heart feat. CRAGE
Thanked You Twice
Honey's on the Run
Run for the Money
Not My Only
Take My Hand