The Night Terrors

The Night Terrors

 Melbourne, Victoria, AUS

Theremin-led synth rock band creating the soundtrack for a horror film set in space.


Spawned from the festering miasma of the Melbourne underground scene, The Night Terrors, theremin-fueled electro-noise has been petrifying punters since the year 2000. The Terrors' formula of soaring theremin, thunderous metal-bass, breakneck drumming and vintage horror synth has earnt them a reputation as one of Australia's most unusual and original bands.

Featuring a completely instrumental lineup, with lead melodies handled by the dexterous theremin playing of Miles Brown (a student of Russian theremin queen Lydia Kavina) The Night Terrors offer a mind-melting alternative to the standard instrumental / postrock formula. No vocals, no guitars, just theremin, synth, bass and drums, this is mesmerising, other-worldly, spine-tinglingly psychedelic synth-centric electro rock.

After a 30-show Euro tour in 2009 and being hand-picked by Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson for their Vivid Live Festival at the Sydney Opera House, The Night Terrors are gearing up to release their second album and head off on their second world tour.


Self Titled EP (Unstable Ape) 2002
'Lightless' EP (Unstable Ape) 2003
'Back To Zero' (EXO Records) 2009