Birmingham, Alabama, USA
BandHip HopAlternative

A high energy, smooth groove mix of old school with modern flair. 3 high school friends turned alternative hip hop trio, and now one of Birmingham,AL's biggest hidden gem.




"It all began with 3." Hailing from the Dirty South’s Heart of Dixie, Birmingham, Alabama, these 3 teens known as “The Ninjaz” know what it means to have raw talent cultivated into a classic sound. The group formed a year ago in March 2010 when they were brought together by a common taste in style and music. The groups name, “The Ninjaz” came from member Monte “Ninja-Star” Young, who said "Ninjaz" was what happened when everything in life begin to “line up” The group composed of himself and 2 femcee’s The Ninja Ki and Lox, who had been long time best friends before teaming up with Ninja to form what they call a new revolution in southern hip hop. The Ninja Ki, known as the groups glamorous, feisty one always had a knack for anything artistic. When it came to the idea of music, she was gung hoe on giving it a shot and it worked out better on her than most would’ve expected. Opposite of her is Lox, the female bad a** of the group with a bark that is as bad as her bite. She'd always had a dream to be in a rock band growing up, but when it came to the conclusion that she'd become a Ninja, you can see how ironic things begun to seem. It’s funny how the tables have turned for these once upon a time zero’s who transformed to their city’s heroes. Bursting onto the scene with their original single “SuperDopeIsh”, produced by high school friend Derrelle "ThunderKat" Terry, they’ve caught quite a lot of attention. This is what gained them a spot in the 1st Annual Black History Extravaganza, held at one of the largest venues in their city, The Boutwell Auditorium. It also got them noticed by local Rapper Boss Tweed and impresario Jona Crooner, both eager to work with them.


"We Like Fortune Cookies"(Mixtape)