The nix

The nix


We are not metal We are not punk We are not a puzzle peice easily fit into a genre; that is unless of course take that puzzle piece and warp it against its will into a form that geometry cannot describe. We're rock, loud-rock, not metal, not punk, loud-rock.


What is there to say. Brian was born the son of a grizzly bear and a wildlife enthusiast. He put together the band that eventually rocked so hard that they knighted the queen of england.

In reality, what is there to influenced by?! Music is influenced by life and things that matter. Furthermore, those things that matter are decided by the people who write the music, not tv, not the newspapers, and certainly opinions of anyone but the cohesive core of the nix themselves.


"Everything Everyone Says About You is True" self-released 2006. Audio on or or on the myspace page

new album 2008

Set List

Usually a set of 6-8 songs depending on how long we are given to fill. 35-40 min. Songs we play vary but include Repossessed, Collide-0-scope, ...To You, Drag-Me, Pleasantry, Wearing Thin (Ballad of a Sad Clown), Cancer, Moments Passing. Generally No Covers. If I forget the words to a song I filling in the lyrics is Oasis's Champagne Supernova.