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This band has not uploaded any videos



"The Nixes @ All Star Lanes"


I’ve gone to three or four shows at All-Star Lanes in the past year and I must say that whomever puts these nights together has been doing a sweet job. All the bands I’ve seen have obviously been hand-selected for the raw and creative energies they bring to a room. This upcoming week is no exception, with The Nixies (Drinking Club’s resident band for the month of September), who display solid songwriting skills in the vein of Wilco and guitar hooks that are loose, dirty and catchy. Also on this week’s bill are the ever-so-dreamy Bedroom Walls. They have a polished sound that reminds me of modern Flaming Lips but with a tempo and vocal melody that makes you wanna shake your head up and down, up and down. Oh yeah, this place has got stiff drinks! (DG) - L.A. RECORD

"Spare yourself a boring Sunday and head to Eagle Rock for a club worth joining"

Some things just go together: communal shoes and aerosol disinfectant, attractive eastsiders and quirky indie music, drinking and bowling.

Celebrate an orgy of suitable pairings any old Sunday night with the Eagle Rock Bowling and Drinking Club at All Star Lanes. Yes, it's a gathering of individuals dedicated to drinking. And bowling. And bowling while drinking.

You may have to rock a delicate balance of hip arrogance and soul-withering humility as you slip into a greasy pair of rented shoes, but you'll be strutting like a peacock knowing that said rental was friggity-free with the $5 cover charge. You'll be strutting like a drunk peacock after indulging in the Eagle Rock-cheap drinks—no Cinespace $10 well drinks here—and you'll be bowling like a drunk peacock (read: poorly) but it really won't matter; because games are only $5, there are bitchin' indie bands playing, there's karaoke in between sets, and a you're visualizing yourself as marginally flightless land bird.

The Nixes, a delightfully folky foursome, hold the residency spot all through Rocktober, so check these peeps out; we were sold within seconds of clicking on their myspace page. - Metromix Los Angeles


Recently The Nixes just finished up there 6 song EP. Its available through there MySpace and always free at any of their live shows (For Now...)



One day Eric told Alex " I love the beatles."
Alex stroked his beard and nodded in agreement.
Then one day Jesse came along and said "Who are the beatles."
Shocked Eric asked Jesse to join the band.
Then a drunk in the distance said " I hate RINGO!"
Alex thoroughly turned on asked Roger to join the band.
Since then we've been playing music and living happy.