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His name is Gene Greer-Kondusky. But you can call him The Noble Son.
'Twas not always the case. Prior to returning to Ottawa following a stint in Japan, Greer-Kondusky's was a name thrown around town through membership in local punk and power-pop bands like The Middle Years. Upon moving to Asia, however, Greer-Kondusky set aside his guitar in favour of other pursuits.
For awhile.
"After about six months there, I got the urge to perform again," he explains.
Sans band, Greer-Kondusky felt the need to fill out his solo sound by other means. As The Noble Son, the solitary performer employs loops recorded live and added, layer upon layer, to songs. The results can be positively orchestral.
"I find the loop station to be useful as a 'thickener'," he explains. "You can really get out of the sparseness of being up there on your own.
"I try to vary the use of loop manipulation, though, to break the monotony. I am aware of the potential for it to be viewed as a gimmick, but that's always the fear musicians have when they try something new."
The looping concept is not exactly new, as Greer-Kondusky knows. But it is still something of a novelty for an acoustic-guitar-wielding singer-songwriter.
"I've come across a real Internet presence," he enthuses. "And sometimes I'll tell people what I'm doing and they'll say, 'Oh, that sounds just like...' I'm glad there's a community out there; though, I didn't know about it when I started doing this."
Greer-Konusky plans to capture his innovative sounds this summer on a collection of songs he says will be released on his website. One track at a time. For free.
"I just want to see if that stirs up interest," he explains. "I really just want it to be heard."

Allan Wigney
4 July 2007 - Ottawa Sun

"I still get nervous," admits Gene Greer-Kondusky. He has little reason though, as he has been impressing audiences with his unique style of acoustic music for over a year now. "Before every show, I'm a wreck. My heart starts pounding in my chest. I sweat pretty bad. It's awful."
Fortunately, Greer-Kondusky's nervousness melts away as soon as he hits the stage. Under the name The Noble Son, Gene peforms carefully constructed loop-based acoustic music. He's performed in cities on three continents, earning new fans everywhere. On March 11 2007, Gene is performing at Gitar Cafe in Kadıköy, where he will undoubtedly earn some more.
Using a small loop pedal, Gene records a simple string of chords, or a melody, and then lets the recording repeat again and again. He then builds on this foundation, often incorporating alternative instrumentation and electronics in addition to his soft, plaintive voice. The result is a warm, captivating, and surprisingly full sound.
How did The Noble Son's unique approach to solo performance evolve? Gene explains: "I had decided a long time ago that I wanted to make travelling a real priority in my life. Music has always been important to me and I knew that I would want to continue performing while I spent time abroad. However, I also wanted to try to do something new, something that hasn't really been done a million times before. That's where the loops come in."
The Noble Son has one release, "The EP", which was quietly released last October on Gene's own label, Home Is Not Here. The three tracks showcase The Noble Son's meditative side, offering subtle lyricism delivered with warm guitars and mesmerizing electronics. "The EP" is a digital release, available online at iTunes and all other major download sites.
Be sure to check out The Noble Son live tomorrow at Gitar Cafe in Kadıköy.
For more information, visit

10 March 2007 - Today's Zaman


Title: The EP
Release Date: 5 October 2006
Label: Home Is Not Here



You walk into a club in Tokyo. You hope to discover a band or a solo act that will keep your attention for the evening. You glance at the stage, catching a glimpse of a guy strapping on his acoustic guitar. You take your seat, expecting the rather traditional strum-and-sing stylings of so many singer-songwriters. Instead, you encounter a young man who pulls more life out of his guitar than you could have imagined. With a loop machine and an effects pedal, he carefully crafts a wall of sound that immediately captures the audience's attention. You try to recall listening to and seeing something similar to what you are experiencing now, but you cannot. The guitarist then introduces himself as The Noble Son.

The Noble Son is the creation of Canada's Gene Greer-Kondusky. Gene had spent some time in punk and alt-rock bands, but decided to take a break from music after graduating from university - deciding instead to discover life in Japan. While in the Far East, however, the urge to perform returned. Surrounded by strangers, Gene realized that he had to go solo. The response was overwhelmingly positive, so he decided to continue. The Noble Son was born.

Playing alone often means that a musician is limited to just his voice and his guitar. Gene, however, saw The Noble Son as a chance to "push the boundaries of what one musician can accomplish alone on a stage, armed with only an acoustic guitar, a voice, and a sprinkling of effects." What sets The Noble Son apart from other acoustic guitarists is the building-block approach he takes to his music. He recognizes that it is rare that an artist "so heavily draws upon loops and effects...for what is essentially an acoustic act." While sometimes featuring a sparse and airy sound, The Noble Son is also able to build a full sound when necessary.

Due to his desire to see the world, The Noble Son has yet to establish the traditional home base. Then again, not too many up-and-coming artists can add Tokyo, London and Istanbul to their performance resume. The Noble Son will be returning to his old stomping grounds, Ottawa, in May of 2007, and will focus on that city and nearby Montreal as he looks to build a following. If reaction thus far to The Noble Son is any indication, he will soon win over hometown audiences. He has noticed that "most people have never seen my kind of music performed before." He explains: "Each song begins with a simple line - a string of chords, or maybe a melody. Then I build over it again and again. People get into it. At any time, I could mess up an overdub, and have to start all over again." He considers himself fortunate not to have had to deal with that very often.

The Noble Son has produced one release so far, entitled 'The EP'. Recorded in Japan during the summer of 2006, it was released on October 5th, 2006 on Gene's own label, Home Is Not Here. 'The EP' is now available online at iTunes and all of the other major download sites. He is also currently writing music for a new full-length album.

The Noble Son is well aware of the preconceived notions of what a singer-songwriter should be. People usually expect musicians from this genre to strip down their live show to its bare essentials. Gene, however, hopes that his ability to build a musical wall will continue to capture the imagination of his audiences. If you are fortunate enough to join those from Asia, Europe, and North America who have seen The Noble Son perform live, bring a willingness to leave certain expectations at the door. The man you see strapping on his acoustic guitar will be eager to define his performance for you.