The Noise Revival

The Noise Revival


Similar to being washed inside and out in an environmentally-friendly commercial washer and then tumbled over and over in the warmth of the dryer only to emerge slightly crinkled, ready to be folded, and smelling really really fresh.


Devotees of the irrepressible energy of the spontaneous live performance, The Noise Revival have built a strong reputation based on a year of relentless performing, including frequent dates in the Central Texas area and multiple tours of the East and West Coasts. Bouncing bass and keyboards and swirling lead guitar licks that move from punk to new-wave and back again rumble forward, led by the raw energy of the poignant sometimes-snarling, sometimes-pleading vocal delivery.

Austin Texas darlings, the Noise Revival, will be promoting To the Seven Churches in the Province of Asia throughout the U.S. for 2005.

"The opening euphoric organ may seduce you into thinking you are at a church service but before the final symbol decays the Noise Revival’s unorthodox keyboard riffs and swirling guitar will revive the young Rock n' Roll soul. Led by the raw energy of the poignantly snarling and sometimes-pleading vocals, the Noise Revival preaches a message against the injustices of the established orders in our society."


2004 EP- Live at CBGB, New York City
August 2005 LP - "To the Seven Churches in the Province of Asia"

Set List

45 minute continuous set consisting of the following tracks with built in transitions and no pauses between songs.
1. Good Job 2. Strange Love 3. Don't Give Up The Fight 4. Lonely Road 5. Revolution