The Non-Profits

The Non-Profits


Avant-Groove. Drum & Bass. Dub. Acid Jazz.


The Non-Profits are an experiment in the depths of musical consciousness. The quartet started as a completely improvised project with a summer long residency at The Paradox Jazz Club in Roanoke, VA during 2002. The end result of that summer is a repertoire, and playing style that can only be described as truly original. The band is pushing the Modern Jazz/Groove genre forward. Taking cues from Jazz influences like The Miles Davis Electric Bands, and John Coltrane, and combining them with elements of Dub, Reggae, Afro-Latin music, Drum and Bass, Acid Jazz, Funk, and Afrobeat, the sound is eclectic, yet focused, paying homage to the greats buy moving ahead.

Performance Highlights:
Floydfest- Floyd, VA. 2004, 2005. Over 5000 in attendance in 04', 6000 in 05'.

Steppin' Out Street Fest- 2003. Blacksburg, VA. Over 5000 in attendance.

The Jewish Mother- VA Beach, VA. 2005. With Modern Groove Syndicate.

Festival in the Park- Roanoke, VA. 2005. Over 5000 in attendance.

Paradox Jazz Club- Roanoke, VA. Residency, summer 2003.

Green Dolphin- Roanoke, VA. Residency, summer 2005.


Trax Deductible, 2003
Self released, self produced

Live @ Paradox, 2004
Self released, self produced

Set List

TNP can perform up to 3 hours of original music.