The Nordic Beat

The Nordic Beat


The Nordic Beat are a rock band from St. John's, NL who would describe their music as "dancy," "fun", and/or "catchy" but would also be quick to point out that they "know how to rock". They are known for their hooky, danceable songs and their wild live gigs.


Since their first gig in November of 2005, The Nordic Beat have been steadily building both their set list and their fan base. They have shared the stage with popular St. John's acts such as Fur Packed Action, Mark Bragg and Blair Harvey. They play regularly in St. John's and are proud to hear people say that they "draw the best looking crowds in town." On September 1, 2006 The Nordic Beat debuted their first commercial release, a four-song EP. The band is fresh off a 12-date tour of the atlantic provinces in support of that release.


Harder than it Seems

Written By: Luke Major

Arms and minds entangled
Wrestling with sometime love
I haven't seen a nicer peacoat
Can twenties lovin' still take blood?
Who am I to ask you
About the way you live your life
Ya said “Fuck me in the shower
You've done this a thousand times”

It comes that time of year
Every one has fears
Yeah it could be stress
Or just depressed
Blame the motion of
All the stars above
A lack of sunlight
Ability to sleep tight
All those drunken nights

Anxiously hungover
Piece together last night’s dream
Frame it with a curtain
Is this harder than it seems?
You looked out the window
The cars are beeping passing by
And do you mind if I come over?
Its okay I’ll let you lie


Brighten up the corners
Lift a pillow from my bed
Steal your coat and jacket
Play pretend I might be dead
Because the first snow of the winter
Covered up the summertime
Crunching up behind me
Maybe everything is fine



The Nordic Beat EP - September 1st, 2006

Set List

Bleeding Hearts
Audrey, you're a Drunk
Heartless Romantic
Harder than it Seems
Everybody wants One
A Small Town
Girls and Boys
In Fur
A Hundred Yen
Sweat it out
Seasons and Lessons
The House
City and the Go
Anthem for the Coast
Evil Tenor

Hated it - Thrush Hermit
Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Springsteen
Just what I Needed - The Cars
Bust a Move - Young MC
The Regulators - Nate Dogg and Warren G
Fight for your Right (to party) - Beastie Boys
Pump It Up - Elvis Costello