The noRegrets

The noRegrets


We are just 4 guys that love to play music. We started with punkrock and poppunk but now we play just what we like to, music is not just a style. So if you want to know what we play just give a listen to our stuff. WE have a lot of new songs so...just stay tuned:)


So we are a young band from Croatia that have been existing for 2 yeras now (2007). In just two years we have played at all the most important music festivals in Croatia as Viva La Pola with bands as The 69 Eyes. In Summer of 2008 we have played at the MTV FM4 FREQEUNCY MUSIC FESTIVAL IN SALZBURG, where we have been chosen to paly between more then 500 bands from all over the world. Playing with bands as REM and The Killers was just unbelievable. This all show that we are not amateurs, and we are talented, at least that's what people say.
You can some of our songs on


2008 - DEMO CD "Wait!...I have to find a hole"

Set List

Well , typically we play between 30 and 45 minutes at the festivals and we generally play all the songs you can find on
Of course we like to play even some covers to let's say get more in touch with the people