The Northern Drift

The Northern Drift


A unique tone covering a wide range of genres from Classic rock, Rock, Funk, to Techno, Metal, and Blue grass. Upcoming Minneapolis Jam/rock Band, adding a whole new flavor to the scene. Family and friend based quintet with roots in Chicago and Minneapolis.


Influenced by the pure enjoyment of music. Coming from different musical backgrounds from classic rock/metal to bluegrass/techno cultivates a unique sound. Mark and Matt Stanaszek brought their style to Minneapolis from Chicago. Quickly met Jay,Marc, and Kyle who shared similar musical ideas. Having played for friends and family for the past 3 years we have created a loyal local fanbase. We truly enjoy what we do.


We really enjoy making every show unique:visual effects, improv jams, special guests, anything to keep things fresh.


We have streaming audio on our web site.

Set List

Sets range from 45min-3 hours.
Originals-Makes no Sense, Guitar Man, Given Up, Black River, Find your way, Apple Tree, Take a Ride, Regno, Two for a Dollar, Blues as can B, B-Dance, Hillbilly, Bus Pass, Matt Song Jam, Glimpse, Clovers, Ripper, and Lance Beaver.
Covers- Wide variety/Classic Rock material